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Krell KSA 300S or FPB 300?
I have the best of both worlds. I have both ot these amps. I use the KSA for the bass and the FPB for the mid/highs. (I use the KBX to divide the signal)Any questions, just ask.Richard 
What is the best Sasha or Maxx3 ?
If you room is truly the size that you state, go for a really good set of headphones.Richard 
Is MF 550k good enough amp for B&W 802D ?
The 802D are great speakers. Buy them and upgrade the amps when you can.If heard bigger B&W's driven with smaller amps ... very good ... even if not as good as big Krells.Go for it!Richard 
biamping question
Yes, the more the merrier. But if you don't have anyway to control the output, you should make sure that the gain of the S/S should be the same as the Tube.Richard 
Isolating Crossovers
Some of the best speakers in the world do not isolate the crossovers. 
On a scale of one to ten how would you rate.......
it would depend on the brand 
Speakers to pair with krell that rock
Find a pair of used B&W800's (matrix).That is what I use with Krell electronics. Will blow you away and all you need is the FPB300 (or two if you can find a KBX and run them actively).Richard 
add remote control AC on/off for power amp?
Stanwal,Even if it is class A, leaving it on is best if you can afford the electric bill.Richard 
Actively bi-amping B&W Matrix 800's
I have the 800's actively biamped with the KBX. The best improvement that I ever made to my system. I upgraded from the regular 800's. I did the conversion myself using Dan's directions.Unfortunately, the KBX is no longer made, but you can find us... 
Krell Audio Standard
Call Krell 
KRELL S-300i How does it sound ?
I guess I missed out on the release of this new product. Looks great.If in doubt, go for the Krell, if only for the fact that Krell's resale can't be beat.Richard(Krell owner) 
KRELL S-300i How does it sound ?
I have never heard of the S 300i.The S series is part of the KSA line which did not have an intergrated amp in the series. Please elaborate.Richard 
What is the best doors album in your opinion?
OK to remove Tweeter Grill??
In front of the tweeters on my big B&W800's and adjacent midrange I did remove the cloth grill.In front of the tweeters, behind the cloth grill are plastic rings that serve to focus the tweeters, and they should NEVER be removed!Richard 
What is the best band ever?
Procol Harum