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Superb Service
Oppo has repaired an old unit for shipping costs only for me. 
Know of a "Dirt Cheap" tweak?
Putting digital and power on two seperate ac circuits makes a difference. 
I can't play a recording all the way through
Try playing the concept albums of yesteryear. 
Anyone heard about
Flawless diamond is pure carbon. 
Cheap Blu Ray Player + DAC for hi fi ?
Would this be cheap enough for you?! http://www.amazon.com/FiiO-Digital-Analog-Audio-Converter/dp/B0053VKP8S/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1326195586&sr=8-5I have one and it betters the analog outs of my Oppo.or just go for this-http://www.amazon... 
yaqin mc100b tube rolling
I'm no expert in tube rolling but I commend you on your thorough research and picks. It sounds like you zero'd in on your fav. tonal balance minus low end with the brimar/shuguang. If this is giving you a satisfying midrange (the most important fa... 
Magnepan or Carver???
You're moving from a very high sensitivity speaker - Klipsch- to a very low sensitivity speaker - Maggie.Is your amp up to the challenge? You may not like what you hear and it's not the speakers fault. 
Hooking up 2 separate amps to 2 different outputs
Only one source with variable output and currently one amp that I keep switching speaker wires - as opposed to degrading the signal with a speaker switchbox. I was thinking of upgrading the amp anyway but thought...hey, I could just add a better a... 
receiver preouts help
Emotiva carries 3 and 5 channel amps new in the $600-800 range. I agree, bi-amping would take a load off. 
Emotiva Amps and Processor for Home Theater?
If I'm not mistaken, you can tell any HT receiver what channels you have hooked up. Some allow the extra 2 channels to be your remote system (the porch). 
If I can afford one good cable, which component?
Also, the high-end fuses are worth the money. Get the power right first and then experiment with cables. 
Best speakers in the 3000 -5000 range
If your amp doubles in wattage (or close to it)at 4 ohms vs.8 ohms, then it has enough current to drive Magnepans. The entire line sounds more like a concert stage than any box speaker and are very tweakable. This is a good time to get 1.6's or 3.... 
What are your top 5 RB CDs For SQ - Rock Music
Just wondering...are these all remasters or the old versions? 
Any DIY noise harvesters?
Yes, an incandescent lamp (any wattage) plugged into the same circuit. I have one plugged into my 8-outlet wiremold with my amp and one in the other circuit with my digital. 
Using Professional Amps On Home Theater Speakers
I use Alesis RA500 with MMG's. Very happy and no fan. The Crown K2 is supposed to be even better.