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Spendor speakers
I have both the Spendor Classic 1/2 and 2/3e speakers. Both have a mid-range to die for, with the 1/2's having a slightly deeper bass but, as others have said, bass is not why you buy the Spendor Classic speakers. New Spendor 2/3's sell for about ... 
CD Baby
Excellent company; wonderful customer service. 
3 way vs. 2 way
If you think more drivers equal better sound, try the Omega Super 3 XRS single-driver speakers, especially in your small listening room. They are amazing, especially with tube amplification. If these don't float your boat, stick with a 2-way becau... 
Best Chicago area HIFI shop?
Try Holm Audio. Good folks. 
The Best Midrange in the World Right Now
Pawlowski6132:I like your system. Like mine, it's not crazy expensive but gives you 90% of what music lovers would accept as great sound. Pursuing the other 10% isn't worth the expense. By the way, my main system includes:Spendor Classic 2/3 speak... 
The Best Midrange in the World Right Now
I don't know about the "best in the world" but you would have to work very hard to beat the midrange magic of my system: Spendor Classic 2/3 speakers and the Eastern Electric M520 tubed integrated amplifier. I also use the PrimaLuna Prologue II am... 
Vandersteen 2Ce Signature or Quad 22L
In such a small room you should stay away from 3-way speakers. Integration of the drivers will be difficult. Go with a 2-way speaker. Quad makes them, as do others. Try the Quad 21 floorstanders, for exaqmple. 
Curious about the PrimaLuna
Which PrimaLuna do you have?Prologue One?Prologue Two?And what tubes are working best for you? 
UNICO: Can it Serve as a Preamplifier?
Thanks everyone for the feedback.There goes one idea down the drain!DSC 
Which cartridge for MMF-7
I use a Grado Sonata and it's terrific. 
Best speaker for small room
Some suggestions:Make sure the speakers are front ported and not rear ported.Look at 2 way speakers; the drivers integrate better in a small room.Triangle, Spendor, Harbeth, Sonus Farber, Opera ... there are a ton of mini-monitors and small floors... 
Music you would like to turn someone on to.
Tomas Stanko 
What Cartridge Would Make the Best Match?
Thanks, everyone.I've decided to go with the Sumiko Blackbird. It has enough bite to bring my jazz LPs to life with the other components in my system (i.e., my EAR phono stage, UNICO amplifier, and Spendor speakers) tempering any edge or brightnes... 
What Cartridge Would Make the Best Match?
The response to my inquiry has been very helpful.My EAR 834P has both MM and MC capability.DSC 
Stylus Cleaning Schedule?
I clean the stylus with Disc Doctor fluid after every listening session.