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Morph The Cat : Revisited
I just tried to listen to the red book. What is the deal? It sounds so lifeless and flat. It seems like it has the depth of a paper towel. I tried it having my Pioneer dv59avi decode it and having my Sony Da4es decode it and I dislike the sound bo... 
ain't got no soul: bad covers of great soul songs
Every American Idol contestant doing every song. 
Who Was Your Favorite One Hit Wonder
Was not Was, "walk the dinosaur" (or something like that); "up down periscope" by Novo Combo. I'd add "More than a Feeling" by Boston, but that's more an editorial comment. 
Bands who'se names describe thier sound.
Names which are the antithesis of their sound would be a good thread as well, like Nirvana? The Fabulous Thunderbirds? As for names consistent with sound, how about Southern Culture on the Skids? The Bangles? The Smiths? Ok, that last one is a reach. 
Another jitter filter issue
This is what I expected, that just any ol' anti jitter device cannot be used if anything other than 44.1 stereo signals are involved. 
Do not use stock jumpers
What about gold plated jumpers? My stock jumpers sure don't look cheap. 
Placement of Center Channel Speaker
Exertfluffer, what tweaks have you tried to deal with the chesty sound issue? 
B&K harsh sound
It could be that I am used to and enjoy the sound from my little Rotel. That causes a problem in the power department though. I clearly need more reserve power. 
Organ CDs with really deep bass
Inspired by this thread, I picked up a copy of "The Uncommon Bach", Joan Lippincott and George Ritchie, organists. The performance uses the Fritts-Richards organ in St. Alphonsus Parich Church in Seattle. The instrument has a 32' posaunen, a 16' s... 
Organ CDs with really deep bass
I have the Pentatone "Toccata" sacd referenced by Lenardd. It was recorded on the De Rijckere organ, Oostkerk, the Netherlands. It is a nice recording, to be sure, but not a bass powerhouse. The largest pipes are 16 footers, I think. Thanks to Tex... 
Newbie with $1500 and a wife pushing for Bose
This problem requires a multi-step approach, some patience, and faith. (1) Spend the entire $1500 on a subwoofer. (2)Spend an entire weekend trying to wire it to your boombox. (3)Give up, and let the subwoofer (hopefully a whopping huge one) sit t... 
B&K harsh sound
Thank you everyone. I am now wondering if I shouldn't give the amp another try. I actually wondered if it might take more than the 2 hours I gave it to come to life. But that's all the time I could spend with it. I should have left it in the syste... 
Amp/Speaker selection help.
That is sound advice. There is a thread on Audiogon with members opining that 2 channel is best for movies, which is a load of excrement in my opinion. These same people will tell you that the idea of 2 channel music is to recreate the live event ... 
Favourite Guitar CDs
Dire Straits 1st album. That's just the best. 
What item sold you cannot live without??
My 3 speed mossberg bicycle and a baseball autographed by all the 1973 Cleveland Indians. Audio equipment is fungible.