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Looking for intermediate-step Streamer: better than BS Node and not @ Bartok level pricing
I've sold my Sonore Optical Rendu, Ultra Digital, and linear power supply. After two months of comparing the Sonore setup with the Wiim Pro. The Wiim sounds better and the functionality is light years ahead of Sonore.   
Upgrade from Bluesound Node
Look into the new Denafrips Arce streamer and a used Denafrips Terminator 2. This will allow you to use the clock outputs from the Terminator 2 into the Denafrips Arce streamer. The lower model Denafrips Dacs like the Venus don't have the clock ou... 
trying to add a subwoofer to a Mac system from before subs were a thing….
A Rolls SX95 will work well. I used an RCA Y cable to get the left channel input into the SX95. You will need a separate amp for your passive subwoofer. Inexpensive class D amps work great for subs.     
Is low cost DAC worth it?
The Wiim Pro+ is the only way to go if on a tight budget. It's a streamer and Dac. Lots of online info and reviews. It sounds way better than the price would suggest and has great functionality.   
Streamer upgrade - best path forward
I'm not surprised by the $10k price tag. The RS 130 looks to be the real deal. I almost pulled the trigger on a RS 150 but didn't like the idea of paying for a DAC in the unit I would never use.  Thanks for the info!  
Streamer upgrade - best path forward
You're absolutely correct there. I'm sitting on the sidelines until I can hear the Rose 130 for myself.    
Streamer upgrade - best path forward
Keep an eye out for the new HiFi Rose RS130 dedicated streamer it's coming in the next month. No word on pricing yet. It's capable of accepting an SPF plug which is fiber optics.  The Eversolo DMP A6 is another newcomer, shipping starts at the en... 
Parasound to Pass Upgrade
I wouldn't give up the JC1s until you try them with a good tube pre-amp. I had the Parasound P5 and P6 preamps with my JC1 mono's driving Focal Kanta 2's and thought it sounded ok. Then I got a Rouge RP7 tubed preamp and could not believe the diff... 
Most Shocking Upgrade to your System (LIFEPO4 Battery on Network Streamer)
Ok, I have some questions. I have a Sonore Optical Rendu streamer and on the Linear Power Supply led display it says it runs on 7 volts. So my question is do I need to find a battery that is 7 volts or will a 12-volt battery work? Also what happen... 
What Digital to Digital Converter Do You Use? Why?
I'm using a Sonore Optical Rendu usb to a Sonore Ultra Digital converter which sends i2s out to my Musician Dac. I'm very pleased with the results.   
musician aquarius r2r dac any good?
@dubz thanks for the infor! how do you describe the sound of the Pegasus? The Pegasus has a nice wide sound stage and is also deeper in sound stage than the Cutest. The base is effortless, fast, and tight although I do have four subwoofers. Th... 
musician aquarius r2r dac any good?
I just recently replaced my Qutest because I felt it was bright on extended listening sessions. I now have a Musician Pegasus and find it to be just the improvement I was looking for. I know it was not expensive but it's a great sounding r2r dac. ... 
Point of diminishing returns for a Network Streamers?
I've had good results moving from a Raspberry Pi4 to a Sonore Optical Rendu streamer feeding a Chord Cutest Dac. I then moved from the Macbook Pro to an Antipodes server as the Roon core, this was a significant improvement as well.  
Buy a Simaudio Moon 390 or wait for a Bryaston BR-20
Just to update my post here. I ended up going with a new Rogue RP7 which was a few months away and is now in my system and sounding fantastic. I'm 100% satisfied with it. On the digital front end, I purchased an Antipodes Core server as well as an... 
Where are the young audiophiles?
There's a whole new wave of us coming to the hobby. I'm 52 and just got around to my first 50k system. Don't worry young people get older and acquire the means to join the hobby.