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music for a broken heart
If you want to explore the depths of lost love, try Mickey Newberry Frisco Mabel Joy. I know he is classified as a country musician, but the song writing is absolute poetry. Not upbeat, but helped me get through the worst loss.A completely differe... 
Preamp/Amp impedance missmatch?
Thanks for the emperical testing! My preamp was indeed an older model (at least 3 years old). I'll be talking to you soon about getting a newer one. 
Preamp/Amp impedance missmatch?
Thanks for the response... I was thinking I was the only person every to have this problem. The Kora I owned had a mute delay that worked great on power up. The problem always occurred when power was removed. 
What cd player or cd transport/dac is next for me?
I have Dunlavy V speakers with Aloia pre-amp and 2 Plinius SA-100 III amps. I use an Audiomeca Mephisto II transport and a Dodson Audio Dac (DA-217 MK IID). The soundstage is very three diminsional. To my ears much better than Levinson. 
Check out half.com. Netflix closes out inventory there and prices are very reasonable. 
VA: Anybody in southern VA interested in an audio club?
Would like to share tunes with others. Also discuss hardware. I live in NC about 40 minutes south of the border. 
good jazz piano
Try any solo Ray Bryant(Alone At Montreux, Montreux 77, Somewhere In France). Not always the best recordings, but He cooks. Also solo McKoy Tyner( try Warsaw Concert 1991). Can't listen to piano without something by Oscar Peterson (anything on Pab... 
Tube Preamp shoot-out
A word of caution about the Kora Eclipse... I owned one for over a year and I loved the sound with my 2 Plinius SA-100 amps. However, I had a serious problem whenever we had a power failure and the Kora was turned on. The 4 input fuses in each pli... 
Your favorite blues album?
I can't pick just 1...Taj Mahal "The Real Thing" cooks and has 4 tubas.Keb Mo "Just Like You" has wife appeal.BB King "Blues On The Bayou" is the best in years from BB.Burton Garr "Mighty Long Road" is the best you never heard. 
Your Recommendations Please
Remastered versions on Weather Report Heavy Weather and Black Market, Joe Zawinul World Tour are all very funky electric jazz. I agree with a Yellowjackets selection but would recommend Live Wires. Also Al Jarreau Tenderness has several different ... 
Eva Cassidy - Live At Blues AlleyBurton Gaar - Mighty Long RoadTaj Mahal - The Real Thing (reissue)Keb Mo - Just Like YouJonny Lang - Wander This WorldEach of these has a bluesy sound. Eva Cassidy and Burton Gaar are 2 of the best you never heard.... 
Cd storage..what's an audiophile to do?
CAN-AM sells modular 2 and 3 drawer cabinets. Each drawer holds 270 CDs. Lots of other cabinets available. Highest quality products and first rate service. Check out www.cdcabinet.com