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Best 845 tube out there?
I have yet to try these (845T) but can confirm that the various SuperTNT versions are excellent and worth seeking out. I have a pair of their last high-dissipation 845 metal plates, and they are about as good as modern production gets. Hopefully t... 
Power tubes glowing?
I wouldn't worry about it too much. Usually if the plate (the graphite part in an 845B) is glowing, that might be an issue. They can run well higher than 200F. More like 500+F measured at the envelope (so even more inside.)-Ed 
Woofer manufacturor for Aerial 5Bs
Try asking aerial. Doubtful you could buy the same woofer from anyone except aerial in any case. They would probably sell a replacement one if need be though. 
Cowboy Junkies
They are all great. Open is my least favorite probably. If you want to hear some of their live shows, check archive.org - the live music archive has many well-recorded live shows of their's, at CD-level quality (uncompressed). There's some shows i... 
Sophia Electric Tubes/Cary 211AE
NOS would be the best choice, e.g. RCA or United 845s. For 300B's, I am partial to AVVT (again, basically NOS, as they aren't made anymore). WE is also a good choice on 300Bs but even more $ than AVVT or EML. -Ed 
solid silver enamel coated magnet wire ?
Try: litz-wire.comIn the past I had gotten quotes from them on silver magnet wire. The prices were actually quite good. Let us know how it works out. -Ed 
What's the best Sony CD/SACD player?
Western Electric Beach Master full system
Does it use the 308A tubes? It's basically a portable PA system designed for the military. Feel free to email me directly for more discussion. -Ed 
BAT VK-60, VK-55 or ????
The 60 is way better than the 55. 55 = cheaper, smaller iteration meant to satisfy those who found the 60/75 too big/expensive. Consider the vk-60 basically a VK-75 with a different name, since that is what it is. The VK-60 is a huge bargain. vk-5... 
Tandberg tuner owners......need your help
Great tuner. See if you can rewire it with LEDs if you can't get the bulbs. chances are Radio Shack either carries them or can order them, or check mouser, digikey, et al. -ED 
best xover for horns? deqx, jbl pro or ??
hi Mike - your system deserves the best Xover you can get, certainly. I'd give the newer DEQX a try, but you should probably get someone to professionally set it up and dial it in. Other than that, I'd consider the Bryston 10B. I use one with my h... 
ads m15 speakers
Had em for a while. Not bad, but the L-series are better. (L-1290, L-1590, et al)-Ed 
aerial model 7, both speakers completly smoked
The only way to repair them right is send them to aerial or buy the parts. All their drivers are custom, nothing you will find off the shelf. The speakers are worth enough to repair the right way. At the very least you need recone kits for all dri... 
Really wild-looking tube amps
You can search www.archive.org for previous versions of the Electronluv.com site. There's some good images there. Also search on AA, quite a few threads with pics, etc. His stuff sounds as good or better than it looks, believe it or not. The pic o... 
New Rowland Criterion 2-chassis battery pre
The comparison that will matter is how it stacks up to the Coherence-II. -Ed