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Autographed Albums
An LP signed by Leon Russell, CD's signed by Maria Muldaur and Papa John Creach. 
Humming sub.
I have this sub also, slight level of hum; I was told this hum results from the servo circuit and cannot be eliminated. 
CD Scratch Remover
Novus #2 
Acoustat Grille replacement
I believe it's called the Upholstery Shop in Arizona. Most of the replacement sock sets run about $130.00 shipped. 
How do you fix an ''out of print'' scratched CD ?
Novus #2, available at an plastics store. 
Audio's Most Enduring Products.
Acoustat 8's-1985, Velodyne ULD-15MKII-1995, Win Labs SDT-10 cartridge-1980, Well Tempered Turntable-1990, Acoustat Servo X Tube amps-1979, Modified Dynaco PAS-3 used as Win Labs power supply 196?, Stax Lambda headphones with Stax amp 198?. 
Rewiring Acoustat model 3 speaker?
If the transformers aren't labeled "Medallion", you should replace the capacitors, internal wiring with Kimber, Cardas, etc, bypass the HF resistor or control, and put a cap around the fuse to bypass its negative sonic effects. 
does anyone out there own acoustat model 8s
I'm currently using a pair of Acoustat 8's in conjunction with a Velodyne ULD15MK2 sub. The 8's are being driven by a highly modified pair of Acoustat Servo Drive tube amps. Wonderful sound! Best regards, Ed. 
German Re-issue: Joni Mitchell "Blue" LP
Yes, it's a white label promo, and any of Joni's white label promos of that period, including Court and Spark, are sensational. 
German Re-issue: Joni Mitchell "Blue" LP
It's not so hot, the original kills it, and I have a wlp of the original that is to die for! 
upgrade for p-1a/p-3a/monolitic
A transport with I2S output like the Audio Alchemy pro. and then running the P1/P3 in I2S direct mode creates a nice improvement. Also, running the Monolithic and the transport through a PS Audio power plant set to 75 or 81 creates another major s... 
who makes good sub cables
Ringo, the rca connection just feeds the servo correction circuit, so the quality of the cable is relatively unimportant. The speaker cable is important, and try shotgunning some major brands. Ed 
Sheffield Labs Collectibles..need help
The boxed version of Dave Grusin usually trades for about $40-$50. The Volume 2 usually trades for $30-$40. Condition is critical. The 1st Sheffield, S-9, is super rare, and goes for many $$$'s. Ed 
Acoustat servo amps ??
Dennis, a mint pair of Monitor 4's sell for $550.00 to $650.00, look elegant, and will sound similar to your 3's. That means the servo amps are going for about $1000. Not bad if they are also mint, but not a bargain. If you can pry the amps away w... 
Electrostat Speakers with sub. Finally
I'm using Acoustat 8's with a Velodyne ULD 15 MK II, and am getting results like you described; mids and highs to die for and plenty of bass slam. Long live electrostats!