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Waltz for Debby-Bill Evans Trio
Try these two on for size, both are exquisite.Keith Jarrett - The Melody at Night With YouGene Ammons - Gentle JugLate night classics. 
The 5 Jazz Recordings You Would Take With You...
No, I am not going to say Blue Train by Coltrane or Kind of Blue by Miles that would be too easy and a bit reduntant. So these are the five I would play the most till the grooves literally wore out.BLUES WALK - Lou DonaldsonThe Melody at Night Wit... 
SACD Player--Finally
Here are my top five SACD for jazz. All are exquisite.Joe Henderson - Lush LifeGene Harris Quartet - Listen HereKenny Burrell and John ColtraneStan Getz Quartet - Pure GetzSonny Rollins - Way Out WestAny of these will satisfy the soul. 
Sonus Faber Cremonas or JM lab Diva
I have heard the Dali Euphonia and Helicon many times. And as far as I am concerned the Euphonia is overpriced for what you get sonically, the larger Helicon is a nice speaker and has decent bass response,plus the price isn't too bad. It is not in... 
Top Five for 2005
Here are my five in no paticular order, with an alternate thrown in for good measure.1.Tord Gustavsen Trio - Changing Places2.Charles Lloyd - Lift Every Voice3.Houston Person - To Etta with Love4.Nicholas Payton - Payton's Place5.Joe Henderson - T... 
Your ONE all time favorite love song?
Three by Sir Paul,YesterdayLet it beMaybe I'm AmazedAnd one by Sir Elton JohnYour Song 
Jazz recommendations?
I would also agree with the Tord Gustavsen Trio pick, either The Ground or Changing Places are both great cd's, very introspective and distinct sounding, but easy on the ears.The Bill Evans Trio/ Waltz for Debby 
Your Top 5 Sax Players?
Yes, I saw Mr. Sanborn about a month and a half ago at Jazz Alley in Seattle and he did a good set, more uptempo than I would have imagined. And while his style and sound has grown on me over the years, I will still never put him in the same boat ... 
Your Top 5 Sax Players?
Frogman, I like your second list better than your first one, I guess they make more sense to me. And I almost completely forgot about Joe Farrell, I had a couple of his lp's from the 70's, can't remember their names, but they weren't bad. 
Your Top 5 Sax Players?
While I don't have a problem with smooth jazz or David Sanborn, and using your criteria of most influential and changed the style of saxophone playing how could Stan Getz not be on your list? That is a complete mystery to me. 
Best upbeat jazz/progressive jazz/new age CD?
I would give a nod for a couple Al di Meola recordings, one new and one old.Al di Moela " Flesh on flesh " a newer Telarc disc that is very well recorded and sounds great on a nice system.Al di Meola/John McLaughlin/Paco De Lucia " Friday night in... 
DVD player recommendations in the 1k range +/-?
A Marantz 8400 would be your best at 1K or less. The video is fine and the sound on redbook isn't bad and the SACD and DVD Audio are quite good, plus it has a solid build quality to it. Also has DVI. 
Cary 306 SACD
I just saw one today at The Audio Connection in Seattle, it looks very nice, it was a silver one and it had a very refined look to it. Didn't get a chance to hear yet, as I will have to go back for a sonic audition. I am scared that I might like i... 
Best live album you've ever heard?
Not even close. Johnny Winter AND Live. The first 10 seconds of Jumping Jack Flash is ALL I need to hear and you know what the rest of the recording is going to be like. Nothing gets me going like that. There is more energy on that one song than w... 
Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8 question.
Thanks for the info, I got the Analysis Plus Solo Crystal 8's about 2 weeks ago on Audiogon, they were just the length I needed and also the biwire I was looking for. Plus they had the WBT locking bananas on the speaker end which I like a lot, mak...