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845 SET recommendation
Komuro SET 845 is the best if u can afford it. 
Doshi preamp...Is it a good preamp with CD + LP ?
MIc...Let me know what you have.Thanks... 
Who are these crazy people?
Just another way to meet Chick... 
Is my listeng room too small??
Your listening is not small but your speakers are. 
Tone arm slow on the drop
Slow is better than too fast. 
Help me solve static electricity problem
Wear NOTHING or only 100% cotton clothing(including socks) when playing with your stereo system. 
repair to Grace tonearm lift
You need to get some very thick Silicon Oil. 
It costs me $100 a week to listen to vinyl
$400 for a month of entertainment is a bargain. Since you are home all the time, your wife or GF will love it too. 
Two Arm Turntables
$2100 for a custom made plinth for the Garrard or Lenco just doesn't make sense. There are rumble in all these idler type TT but most of the peoples who use tiny speakers don't notice it since their speakers don't go low.Go and get a Verdier. I'm ... 
Turntable in 20 K$ price range - Design & Music
At this price point, the minimum requirement is at least air bearing or magnetic suspension TT. I don't think you need to consider anything ordinary...non-suspense type platter TT. 8-9K for a VXX, you must be joking :). Money spend and you still d... 
Single plinth for multiple table/motors
I tried that already. I constructed a plinth for my Technics SP-10 MK1 and Garrard 401 a year and a half ago. It is not fun or easy to change a armboard with tonearm in it. It is more difficult to change the whole TT. It is very easy to damage the... 
Wow I just got the KAB strobe
Where did you get it ? 
Is it worth it to pick up a mono cartridge?
Try a Denon DL-102 mono cartridge on SME 3012 or other heavy tonearm. U will LOVE IT ! 
Lost on next upgrade from SME 20/2 + IV.Vi arm ...
Get a pair of bigger speakers. Your current speakers are too small for your room. 
Denon 103r ????
Dump the Graham and get a SME 3012 S2.....U are matching the wrong arm to a wonderful cartridge.