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Underrated jazz greats
Kenney Barron, Al Foster just to name a few!! 
Good CD for testing bass response
"Wood" by Brian Bromberg 
Stan Getz VOYAGE
I've had the album since it came out. It is very well recorded and the playing is excellent. It is one of my favorite Getz albums.I personally think that Kenny Barron is one of the most underrated pianist out there. 
ARC PH 3 SE vs PH 7
Without knowing the rest of your system, my answer to your question, there is no comparison between the ARC PH-3se and the PH-7. The PH-7 is in another league.The price of the PH-3se $2500 the price of the PH-7 $6000 that alone should tell you som... 
Phono stage ideas
If you can afford, the PH-7 without a doubt. You will not be disappointed! 
Your favourite cartridge
Decca Supergold. With the right arm/table combination and proper setup the sound can't be beat. 
Preamp with tone control.
Audio Research SP-14 if you can find one! 
Audio Metallurgy GA-0 interconnects
Agree with both previous threads. They're definitely a very good value and sound just as good or better than IC's costing considerably more.In my system they bested cardas golden reference,harmonic technology magic link and acoustic zen matrix ref... 
Bravia KDL46-NX810 vs Samsung UN46C8000XF
I don't have the model you mentioned but do have the Sony Bravia KDL 46V5100. The deciding factor for me was when the salesman demoed them side by side. In that situation the Sony was clearly the better set. The colors are more natural and reveali... 
Grilles or No Grilles
So, the grilles off have it! (did I spell grilles right?) 
Top 10 Jazz recordings ever
Here are some of what you asked for(jazz vocals)"Nancy Wilson with Cannonball Adderly Quintet""Never Make Your Move too Soon" Enerstine Anderson"You Won't Forget Me" Shirley Horn"Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie" Ella Fitzgerald"Carmen McCrae Betty ... 
Grant Green suggestions
Here are two more you might be interested in: "Solid" "Born to be Blue" 
Tube pre amp comparison ARC to VTL
If you are looking for the tube sound(warm,lush)you're not going to get it with the LS-25mkII. The LS-25mkII is more of a hybrid than a true tube preamp and will never sound warm and lush. It will however do all of the other things that you've men... 
ARC LS25 mkII noise level
Jazzgene, I'm pairing my LS-25mkII with a ARC SD-135 solid state amp. Speakers are Triangle naia's 93db sensitivity. 
ARC LS25 mkII noise level
I have the LS-25mkII and have had it for about 5yrs. and have never had any issues with noise. I'm talking standing right next to speaker with ear to tweeter!Sounds like it could be in the power supply(just guessing)If you can do without for about...