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How does one get off the merry-go-round?
You know how? Audition with your own ears. If you can't hear it, don't buy it. Or, familiarize yourself with the reviewer of your favorite gear. Know his taste and style and set the standard for yourself. The classifieds are full with the gear pur... 
Tekton Lore ...... compare with Vandy 1C
How do you guys know all that without comparing them next to each other or owning both at one time, and reasonable time apart, listening to the same material etc...? My advice - if you can't audition for yourself don't buy. 
"There's plenty of forums for politics, and THIS ISN'T ONE OF THEM!" Participating is optional - and btw who made you in-charge? 
The markup itself might turn off the potential buyers from the sales anyway. I was looking for an older pair myself, this pretty much tipped the scale. 
Finally saved 3000 what is a good setup.
Vandersteen 3a Sig used and Behringer EP1500 amp with the volume controls. 
Entry level CDP
Garn509 -- confused? 
Entry level CDP
"I'm not looking for a an A/V unit." Even at the cost of performance and versatility? Beside CD's, there is plenty of great Jazz/Classical titles also available on DVD-a and SACD for you to explore. 
I'd consider Pass Aleph 3 with Conrad Johnson PV-10 or Cary SLP pre-amps. Alephs work extremely well with 4 ohms. 
The best acoustic guitar recordings??
"Krusevo" on MA recordings label. 
Build my own speakers?
Can I be your friend too? ;>) (especially if you DO design the best speakers) 
Build my own speakers?
Do you want $20K speakers for the fraction of the price? Check these: http://www.northcreekmusic.com/#LoudspeakerKits 
Why no trading?
Ethel was cute, just look at this: http://i.imdb.com/Photos/Mptv/1303/7802_0009.jpgand 46 is GREAT age for chicks! 
Need some $500 & under Amp recommendations
I was referring it (vintage, or 'old') to his concern about being better... But again, I have my prejudices, I'd never if I can help it, buy Chinese hifi. 
Need some $500 & under Amp recommendations
Oh no you will find some older, and I mean 40 years old + vintage gear that will blow you away. Like re-conditioned Dynaco, as mentioned above, Older Mac ss amps etc cheaper than the new stuff. Something to look into it also. Good Luck! 
Need some $500 & under Amp recommendations
I don't remember any jumpers, except the one that come with the amp for amp/pre amp application. But yes, special speaker 'bananas' that can be easily interchangable with other cables.