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Benchmark AHB2 Amplifier, opinions and competition
An end-to-end Benchmark could easily be the most accurate reproduction you can get, but if you have a warm fuzzy love of a bunch of pop/rock albums from your life, you may not like what it reveals.  It's kinda the opposite of the Enya effect.  Tha... 
Component isolation
I've never seen a convincing argument that vibration isolation effects electricity. Sure, turntables and speakers, but not sure electronics goes beyond the "seems like" rationalization. 
Best speakers for classic rock
Sealed box acoustic suspension to get that midbass punch.  This ported stuff is for tea parties.  😊 
I want to be moved and have the music touch my soul!
I agree that you should go to Axpona, but with a few tracks you like and the intent of finding the know-it-when-you-hear-it speakers that captures your heart.  You can usually discount most offerings in just a minute or two. Axpona is probably the... 
@georgehifi said: ...going direct can sound absolutely stunning with unmatched transparency and dynamics with the good to best recordings, but then almost unlistenable with the bad recordings,---Precisely my experience with a wonderful passive I a... 
Why no Class D integrated love? (from manufacturers)
I would pass on Class D right now because it's in that vibrant adolescent stage of technology advancement, which generally means that progress happens quickly and previous versions of the technology depreciate alarmingly.  Personal computers and m... 
What are the top 3 dream speakers you wanna buy next regardless of price?
Apogee Duetta UltimateJoseph Audio Pearl 3 
Radio Paradise in FLAC
Not sure what the proposed "RP simpler solution" is.  I use a laptop and browser to the latest RP site and choose FLAC in the settings.  I use the same laptop for ripped CDs/JRiver to USB DAC and noticed CDs are playing at 44 kHz and RP FLAC is pl... 
Why do some manufacturers reverse preamp polarity in the first place?
Most of the technical reasons don't hold water since it comes down to what the tap is labeled. A little dab of red will fix ya.  But a purist would still want control on a per-recording or per-track basis. 
Isn't a wondeful time to be an audiophile?
My greatest jaw drop at last year's Axpona was Elac's entry-level system.  Sound per Pound/$ was off the charts.Also like the curated digital playlist, which is a great step forward from the record producer, disc jockey, and star-maker machinery. ... 
Tube amplifier suggestion for 101 dB speakers
VAC Integrated, old or new.  Even the original Avatars. 
Another help me spend money thread or maybe not.... going to AXPONA
Last year, High Water Sound had amazing sound but wasn't playing anything with lots of dynamics...SET-friendly. KEF Reference was a surprise in how "whole" and coherent they sounded. Doshi was the hot amplification. 
Will Technology Kill the Audiophile Hobby?
High-end audio is like Walter Cronkite. In its/his heyday there wasn’t that much competition, so it got top-of-mind and was magical and worth pursuing. Now, you’d be hard pressed to find a brain that would tolerate a Looonnng Playing record. In a ... 
Tube Sound Question
I mainly let my head choose everything up to the power amp, so Benchmark Media for DAC and their new linestage for the quality of the signal.  Then for amp and speakers, I trust my heart for what final sound I love, which for me is a great tube am... 
Eggleston Works speakers: Expensive, but are they worth the money??
I recall reading the Paul Schaefer (Letterman Show) chose Eggleston after he heard them.  He should know sound, dynamics, rhythm, etc.