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old vs new DAC designs and sound differences
No plans to give up my Theta Gen Va balanced any time in the foreseeable future. 
RIP RL Burnside
Fats Domino is alive and well in New Orleans. 
Fats Domino missing
Ain't that a shame? 
Vassar Clements R. I.P.
My youngest daughter, Carri, was on first name basis with Vassar. She sings and plays mandolin. I have a picture of him with his arm around Carri's shoulder. They got together several times a year at bluegrass/folk festivals around Florida. He was... 
guitar question
Tara (and probably others) offer some expensive, high end guitar cables. Several hundred dollars. 
Reversing Polarity -- Voodoo or Easy Tweak?
The Grusin LP was recorded with the absolute polarity reversed. Shefield realized it after the fact and this is the reason for noting it on the cover. About half of the LPs and CDs have the polarity reversed. Some of the offenders are Mercury Livi... 
Best palindrome
Just thought of another one.Doc, note: I dissent. A fast never prevents a fatness. I diet on cod. 
Best palindrome
A slut nixes sex in Tulsa.Naomi, sex at noon taxes, I moan.Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog. 
sonic frontiers line 2
Any headphone extension cable will work. Try anyone who sells headphones. Maybe Audio Advisor or Music Direct. 
beveridge speakers are coming back
Back when I owned a high end store in the '70s, we had a pair on consignment. As I recall, we had them powered by our favorite amp, the Threshold 400A. They go against the side walls and face each other. Everything in between is the image, wall to... 
French Female Vocalist Jazz Blues Suggestions ???
Edith Piaf. 
I thought you might get a good chuckle over this
This is not something to chuckle over. This is something to cry over. Limiting the number of pressings on each set of stampers is very important to good, quiet surfaces. The condenser mics mentioned are some of the best. Telefunken mics are actual... 
DK Design Group X-Dream - wow
If you want to see some interesting CNC machining check out Keith Black racing engines and take the factory tour. These folks machine hemi engine blocks out of solid billet aluminum. Doesn't take six months either. The finished engines end up in t... 
I know I have lost my mind and have gone insane
Pbb - I would kill for a Nobel peace prize ;^) 
You might be an audiophile if...
If you remember to change the oil in your turntable bearing but not in your car...you might be an audiophile.