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Seeking guidance for a very small/easy music server / vs a DAP
^I would rather have a one item/box solution even if the sound quality is just “mediocre”. I value simplicity over the utmost in SQ. Remember, mediocre here on Audiogon is still better than 99% of what is offered out there.  If I cannot get a simp... 
Seeking guidance for a very small/easy music server / vs a DAP
I’m in a similar situation as yourself and am so confused about it all.  I’m trying to figure out how to take advantage of all this new (to me) hi-res music and just like you, “I find all the phrasing confusing and the details of implementation ha... 
How can I connect a 5th gen IPad to the digital inputs on Hegel H80 integrated amplifier?
Contacted Hegel and it turns out that the H80 doesn’t support the connection that I’m attempting to use. 
Inactive audio members that you miss
I sensed someone talking about me...but then again, I've been accused of being psychic before.Just clicked on the forums for the first time in over a year and this is the first thread I read.Miss everyone and hope everybody is doing ok.I should st... 
B&W Cdm 1nt vs B&W 685 ???
I've had the CDM-1NT's for about 8 years now.Still don't feel the need to upgrade.I have listened to the N805 and it was nice, but the law of diminishing returns kicked in pretty quickly. 
Are singers musicians?
So then, technically speaking Johnny Rotten is a musician?Absolutely.Imagine trying to substitute Sting, Bob Marley, Jerry Garcia, Jim Morrison...or many others on a version of "God Save The Queen"It just wouldn't be the same. 
You can't have too many apostrophe's
Fo shizzle.If your grammar ain't dope...yain't shit.Gotz ta make sure ya capitualize the ESCENCE of whatchoo flappin 'bout else ain't NOBODY gunna unnerstan.Dig? 
American-made integrated tube amplifiers
Trelja...Kudos and I wish you the best of luck with your venture. People may scoff at the idea of "affordable" high end gear due to the "dilution" of the "elite" factor. I on the other hand look at it as you bringing the joy of "high end" audio to... 
American-made integrated tube amplifiers
Marco...If one buys a used American product, it allows the original owner to perhaps upgrade within the same company. It's not a hard and fast rule of course, as the person selling the used SLI-80 may be upgrading to something European like an Ele... 
Has anyone ever cried listening to your system
After I had the opportunity to listen to Jax2's system, I came home and turned mine on.I didn't cry...but I did whimper a bit.That bastard ruined me I tell ya. Ruined me. 
Why gold?
For corrosion protection. 
Does anyone or does everyone pay retail price?
That 40% mark-up that some talk about here forget just a few small expenses a B&M store has to contend with to keep his doors open.* Rent on the building (can be a big cost.. Location, Location!)* Utility bills* Phone bill* Yellow page ad in t... 
Does anyone or does everyone pay retail price?
I'm sure it depends on many factors. Especially in a normal economy.Times are a little different now.Most businesses operate on credit. When the sales are slow, the HELOC is closed, the credit card limits reduced and the savings are being depleted... 
Please disclose your commercial affiliation
Well...with all the buying and selling non-affiliated "consumers" do on this forum...who's to say that they aren't "shilling" whatever gear they have stacked up in their closets?For myself, I could imagine what it would be like if I posted somewhe... 
Selling Large Speakers - How to reduce shipping?
Sherpa or pack mule.