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Most "Musical" sounding speaker cable under $1000
Clear Day Double Shotgun. 
McCormack DNA500 for Revel Salon 2? vs Lev/Mac?
I had the DNA-500, and Cary 500MB. I kept the Cary mono's.I have the Salon v1 not the Salon 2. 
Can 12AT7 be a substitute for 12AU7 tubes?
Thank you for all your responses. I called the manufacturer, they said I can use the 12AT7, but it won't sound right. 
Good 6922 tube for my CJ ET-3 SE pre-amp?
Mullard CV2493/6922 NOS. 
Spendor SP100 mid/bass rubber surround
Check out Parts Express. They do repair speakers, and also sell foam/rubber surround. Hope this help. 
Long IC pre to amp
I'm using 35ft of Audio Art IC-3SE with Xhadow XLR's to my mono's, great cable for the price. Robert Fritz the owner of Audio Art can make you cables any lenght you want, and he's a good guy to deal with. 
Looking for a SS pre with mono and phase reverse
Adcom GFP-750 has everything you're looking for. 
Stereo and Fish tanks - noisy need help
The biggest canister filter that you find is the FLUVAL FX5. It's rated for up to 400 gallon fish tank. I don't know how quiet it is. You can search an aquarium forums. 
Pass 250.5 shuts down driving Magnepan 3.7
Get a pair of Krell or Levinson amps. They can handle 2 ohms. 
Best way to balance 4 spike speakers
Get a set of Outrigger spike kit from Speakerfeet.com (Soundocity) 
Which JBL use Revel Salon drivers?
need 15 foot IC's any suggestions?
Check out virtueaudio.com they sell DIY cables 
Best speaker cables for Creek 5350SE/MA Silver RS6
Try Clear day cables or Virtue Nirvana 
Speaker cable recommendations please
I agree with Snopro. The Clear Day Double Shotgun are very good speaker cables. If you want something cheap but good, try Virtue Nirvana cables. 
long speaker cables or IC's for budget system
Try Virtue Nirvana speaker cables.