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Favourite Guitarists
1.Johnny Winter 2.Jimi Hendrix 3.Rory Gallagher 4.Kim Simmonds ( just passed 12/13/22) 5.Robin Trower 6.Carlos Santana 7.Joe Satriani 8.Joe Bonamassa 9.Freddie King 10.Albert King 11.BB King 12. Albert Collins 13.Luther Allison 14.Ton... 
When You Buy The Whole Album And Only Like One Song.
I've been buying records since 1973 and could never bring myself to do something like that.  
What is your favorite cover?
Johnny Winter playing Barefootin'  
Looking for a tube phono pre
I have a vintage Marantz Model 7 on Audiomart  
Looking for Blues with High Fidelity
Johnny Winter 3rd Degree, Kim Simmonds & Savoy Brown The Devil to Pay and Buddy Guy The Blues is Alive and Well  
King Crimson
"Confusion Will Be My Epitaph As I Walk A Cracked And Broken Path". Started listening to them when I was 15  
Neil Young calls out Tidal
Neil is very passionate about preserving his music the way he intended it to be. It’s 50 plus years of work they are trifling with and I don’t blame him one bit. The PONO player he had invented failed and the way he brought it about was to take St... 
Is Old Music Killing New Music?
When the younger music shows some talent it is found. Christone "Kingfish" Ingram and Quinn Sullivan come to mind instantly. For me new music begins in the 1980's, that should give a perspective on how selective I am.  
What are some of your favorite "COLD" songs?
Bridge of Sighs by Robin Trower. The guitar sounds eerily cold. Cold Wind to Valhalla by Jethro Tull. What can be colder than Valhalla  
Is Rap a valid musical form?
JBL Olympus C-50 loudspeakers
OK all I put photos in the create system with the tag needs a new home 
JBL Olympus C-50 loudspeakers
Thank you all. I am confused is why I am confusing you all. The transducer hook up needs clarification and since there is only one component I assume he did the model 9 conversion, but how do I know? I would like to add photos but don't know how. 
Who will soon be going to a live concert?
I thought this was about gigs not disease. This discussion should be deleted. To the point Robin Trower in March 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Rory Gallagher Irish Tour 1974 and Robin Trower Living Out Of Time 
JBL Olympus C-50 loudspeakers
that photo is the solid state transducer. I have all the manuals and catalogs from the time period. It's the S8 speaker configuration.