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Acoustic panels - how high?
stay at your listening position and have a friend move a mirror along the wall until the speaker sound emitting areas are centered in the mirror. This center point can then be used as the center point of the absorber panels. 
What to use in polishing high quality wood speaker
How about renaissance wax. This is what museums use for their priceless collections. Expensive, but a little bit goes a long way. Found at high end woodworking stores like Woodcraft and Rockler to name a couple. 
Bolero:why can't my system reproduce snare well?
Consider taking your source recording to a trusted dealer for a test on their flagship rig? You might even be exposed to your next step in this fabulous hobby. 
RE: Percussion Album – Any Good Ones?
604 classical,219 ethnic and 143 jazz/rock percussion recordings are listed by steveweissmusic.com. Must have a hundred or so in my collection. Also contact PAS the percussive arts society for more info. Careful it can become an obsession 
Good Sounding Waterproof Speakers
Check out wetsounds speakers at www.wetsounds.com. They are the best to my knowledge. Also parasound may work for you with less expence. 
travelling speakers
If you are driving and have room for the like of PSB alphas you open up a floodgate of options. Please be more specific on size and price. 
Audio Rack Construction
Try boltdepot.com for your source, also mcmaster carrsthey both have a wide range of parts at industrial prices 
Pure Class A shootout
Another class A that has little press is the ISEM Quasar.Maybe another audiogon member can help with information. 
Cold room, Bad for equipment?
There are several issues at stake here. One: cold shock is the real danger for glass objects. Rapid cooling creates tensile forces in the outer layer causing micro cracks and scratches to grow catastrophically. Heating the outer surface is much sa... 
first sound preamp
I love mine. Prescence Deluxe. Totally black background with an evenly presented musical presentation paired with a ISEM class A solid state amp and Dunlavy SC4a. 
Need preamp recommendation
Consider First Sound tube preamps. I love mine. They are known for their low noise floor. 
Focal Grande Utopia III EM's
For the used price difference with new, why not get together with a high end furniture refinisher to change the ones you have? You could even metal leaf them and patina the finish to truly be custom. At least you would have total control of the fi... 
Center Channel Speaker
I am using sc-4s left and right with sc-2's for four rears with SC-1 center to great satisfaction. A sub supplies low effects. Highly recommended 
Buying new pre-amp
Years ago I moved up from an IC-150 to an AR SP-4, another solid state unit. There was very noticeable improvement. Now have a First Sound Presence Deluxe and will never go back. Have fun in your quest for your favorite, but do not hesitate. It is... 
Subwoofer Frequency Response question
You should check the phase setting or your wiring to be sure the speakers and the subs speaker cones travel in and out together ie. in phase. If they travel in opposite directions that would cause cancellation of the sound for those frequencies wh...