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The Best Inexpensive Wines Available Now
Try the petite syrah and the pinot noir from David Bruce. Both are superb and can be had for $17-$20.Eddie 
Gershman X-1 vs. Revel M20 vs. Tyler Monitors
I compared the X-1's and the M20's but not the Tyler's. I ended up buying the X-1's. To my ears, the Gershman's were FAR superior to all the speakers I auditioned, including the Revel's. Another consideration (which I ended up taking advantage of)... 
Recommend speakers for a strange move
If you can audition the Gershman's, do so. A few months ago I was able to listen to them for a few hours and was really impressed. They come very close to the Gershman's I own but for less than half the price. They're a real bargain.Eddie 
Do You Remember Your First Music Purchase?
I purchased 3 LP's in the fall of 1969 (I was 12). Jimi Hendrix- Are You Experienced?Jefferson Airplane- Surrealistic PillowCountry Joe and the Fish- Greatest HitsStill have them all but, the Hendrix and Airplane albums have been "replaced" by the... 
Buying LPs - where do you shop
My favorite is Redtrumpet.com. Great service, quick shipping and honest (On more than one occasion Rick has talked me out of a purchase, telling me a new pressing would disappoint). Highly recommended.Eddie 
Hooking up dti pro
Thanks Joe b. I ran to Radio Shack this morning. The difference is not subtle. 
Any experience with Soliloquy speakers?
I really don't like commenting on specific products since everyone has different tastes and different needs. However, I was recently in the market for new speakers and the 6.3's were on my "want to hear list." Two local dealers had them on their w... 
High end vs internet
Zaikesman- I understand. I couldn't come up with anything else high schoolers might be familiar with. Personally, I'd prefer The Clash, some good reggae, or Vivaldi. Still, I think the high end community is dropping the ball....... 
High end vs internet
I don't think the internet is killing high end. High end is killing itself.The internet (thru sites like A'gon) has allowed people to get a taste of high end without having to spend $$$$ at the local store. Once bitten by the "bug", these people w... 
Best group of the late 80s/ 90's
This one's easy- The Replacements. 
HELP from Down Under (Australia)
MusicStack lists a CD titled "Sum of Us" by a band called "Henrys". It says it's a side project of members of Rhubarb and Dumpster with acoustic guitar, strings and keys. It's an Aussie release. Could this be it? 
New Scout & MH MM-7 or old Linn Sondek. ?????
Babyz- Thomas' implication that the LP12 is crap shows where he's coming from..... It may not be the greatest TT of all time but no one would call it "crap". I would also take issue with the statement "most of them were sold from (sic) their owner... 
New Scout & MH MM-7 or old Linn Sondek. ?????
Babyz-The Linn won't make you nuts. It's just a little bit tougher to set up than some other TTs. I bought mine used about 12 years ago and have had no problems with it. I do have a pro install the cartridge and, while it's there, check the belt, ... 
New Scout & MH MM-7 or old Linn Sondek. ?????
I'm a bit offended by the statement that I don't know "what a good sounding turntable sounds like". I've listened to many of the available TT's out there, and auditioned a few of the VPI's, Regas and Sotas in my home system. While I found the soun... 
New Scout & MH MM-7 or old Linn Sondek. ?????
My 20 year old LP12 still sounds better than all but the most $$$$ tables I've auditioned. As my disposible income went up, I tried to find a more expensive 'table. I couldn't find anything under 8-10k which brought me more musical pleasure, so I ...