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Rogers LS3/5A hanging from ceiling, used Dynaco preamp and amp with Van A mods, technics 1200 turntable spinning mobile fidelity Year Of The Cat late at night on a hot thick August night with windows open. Life was great. 
Keep wife happy with Bluesound Vault with Ipad?
No need to divorce. The system will be used primarily for parties when critical listening is nill. At smaller gatherings I can stil use my system with a CD. The Wadia 850x was not upgrated and has a glass fiber optical that is not specified as FO ... 
Odd length speaker cables
Thanks everyone. I spoke to a local dealer who " does not believe in significant difference". He claims that years ago he conducted double blind studies with groups of audio enthusiasts, repeated each test 10 times and less than 20% were able to t... 
To Preamp Or Not To Preamp Vac 30/30 MkII
Thanks everyone. I guess I will try the internal adjustment on the Wadia first or get passive attenuators. If I can try out a decent preamp that would be next although it is not easy to gain access to one when you mostly buy on Audiogon. If anyone... 
To Preamp Or Not To Preamp Vac 30/30 MkII
Thanks so much for your input. I find that Wadia works great at moderate to loud sound levels on the volume control i.e level 20-55 straight into the VAC. At low levels 8-20 I seem to loose dynamics, debth, seperation etc. When I use the Wadia at ... 
Any Steven Huntely clones???
I read some recomendations for Henry Tang at Musical Coherence Ltd in UK but shipping an 860x to UK would likely be a real joy. 
DVD recomendation
I am not sure about the sound but component video was better than the DVI between this unit and my grand vega III lcd sony. DVI was too dark with a great loss of detail in the shadows. I bought it for DVI and I use Component video. 
Big screen LCD TVs
I looked at these for about 5 months before making a decision. Based on size 60" and desire for HD I contemplated over sony grand vega III 60"lcd, samsung 60"DLP and Phillips LcoS 55". Sony won. I found sharpness, color and blacks close on all thr... 
Best drink while listening to your rig?
Heinz Triomphe, Glanmorangie 18y old, Dalmore 21y old 
How important is speaker positioning?My experience
Speaker placement is important and I found that very clear with Audio Physic Virgo II. Due to multipurpose use room I however cant place seating area in the ideal position. Can a room correction device i.e. Tact take me closer to ideal? 
Power Cord Stress
If the height allows you can support the heavy power cord with a 35mm film carnisters used individualy or stacked until they give you the proper height to take the pressure off the connection. I used it with a PS Audio lab cable II. 
Hierarchy of upgrade path
I found that using dedicated lines helped a lot. I had an electrician run 3 lines of 10 g romex to 3 ps audio wall outlets. When I switched between the standard vs dedicated the noise was reduced significantly, soundstage got biger and there was a... 
Hierarchy of upgrade path
Dennis thanks for the tube run down. It will help me narrow down choices when I am ready to roll. The vac is great from the first impression and it was a big improvement over the Manley Stingray which I also enjoyed for 2 years. I will let you kno... 
Anyone bought Speakers from outside U.S.A.?
call me lucky but I have purchased 2 sets of speakers overseas and had no problem with them. The first was Rogers LS3/5A from audio T in England back in 1979. Good transaction, perfect condition and when one woofer went bad in mid 90 a local deale... 
Hierarchy of upgrade path
Dennis the menace, in my system the 860x does not seem overly dry but that could be a function of speakers or cables. When I spoke with Great Northern Sound the recomendation was to run it direct into the amp and I was advised that the upgrades wi...