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Recommended tubes for PS Audio BHK 250Amp?
They are the original factory supplied tubes.  
Recommended Server?
Up to 7K.  
Recommended Server?
Need just a streamer. Budget up yo $7K.  
Recommended Server?
As a streamer only for a music server.  
Best budget USB
Acoustic BBQ is the best value USB. Superb sounding cable.  
Usb cable recommendation
Acoustic BBQ!!!   
Suggestions for a streamer only (I have a great DAC)
Antipodes Audio!!!!!  
Recommended USB Cables.
Network Acoustics ENO USB cable Is incredible!! Cost around $900. Best value …..Acoustic BBQ!!!!  
What is the best USB cable under $500 for a natural presentation and good detail ?
Go with grannyring's cable (Acoustic BBQ)!! Best value, a no brainer!! Competes with cables at almost twice its price! To get a better cable you will have to invest close to $1,000!!!  
< $400 USB Cable Contenders Late 2021
Network Acoustics III, Shunyata Alpha. Best value - Acoustic BBQ. 
Recommended streamers/servers?
Thank you all for your recommendations. 
How are most audiophiles going from streamers to DACS
USB a to b. Acoustic BBQ or Shunyata Alpha USB cables. Acoustic BBQ is the best value for your money. 
Best Sounding Speaker Cables?
Thank you ghdprentice! Great feedback! 
Best DAC?
Anyway I’m considering getting a new DAC. 
Best DAC?
To davide256: my source is a Silent Angel streamer with a special outboard power supply.