Responses from ericd74

What's your favorite lyric from a song?
A few one liners that come to mind:"The door is open but the ride 'aint free" - Springsteen Thunder Road"The piano has been drinking, not me" - Tom Waits 
What music do you want to play really loud?
Springsteen - Born to Run - born to be played loud, Springsteen - Promised LandGrateful Dead - Franklins Tower, Fire on the MountainAllman Brothers - Blue Sky from Evening w the Allman Bro'sa little different genre...I really enjoy Schubert's 9th ... 
Best Grateful Dead recording?
JonD...i hear ya, wasn't thrilled about dropping $50, but it was a few years back and didn't know anyone who could burn me a copy...still, i've more than gotten my $50 worth out of this recordinggood to see another dead fan / audiophile 
Best Grateful Dead recording?
echoing everyone above, the dick's picks are almost uniformly great. without a net has it's moments - i especially like the looks like rain on that recording. the other ones album has great versions of sugaree and friend of the devil and is certai... 
Best Joni Mitchel Album
Ditto Elizabeth et al...Blue and Court and Spark are the two best in my opinion.Tough to get any better than Carey and California off of Blue (especially the gold CD on a good system)...though top to bottom, i may prefer Court and Spark ever so sl... 
What are the best live acts?
springsteen - unbelievable energy; entire crowd was up and singing alongphish - always something new; great musiciansallman brothers - tremendous jams, which you can get lost in under the right, um, circumstances 
Stuck in a Rut
one more from fela kuti - perhaps my favorite "original suffer head"also, maybe some tom waits - start with "small change" or "blue valentine" 
Stuck in a Rut
we have similar music tastes (and i think the same zip code if that's your zip in your name...), here are some of the musicians i listen to when i need a changethis is just off of the top of my head...since i'm sitting in my cube at work and am tr... 
Your ONE all time favorite love song?
led zep - "thank you"If the sun refused to shine, i would still be loving youWhen mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me 
Favourite Guitar CDs
a little bit different genre from what's been mentioned, but hard to overlook allman brothers - especially "evening with the allman brothers" first set. amazing blue sky and southbound. 
Songs of the sea and shanties
"fisherman's blues" by the waterboys...not sure if this is the exact genre you're looking for, but an excellent tune and the album also has a great version of van morrison's "sweet thing" 
Zap Sound out of Speakers when Powering Off
as i wrote in my earlier post, i was having the same "popping" problem. i sent my CJ back to the company after changing tubes failed to solve the problem. they ran my unit for several days and didn't hear the popping noise, but then i spoke with t... 
Zap Sound out of Speakers when Powering Off
i recently had the same "popping" problem with my set up - plinius amp / CJ pre / cary CD / thiel 2.3...this problem is often referred to as "motorboating" and is most likely the result of bad tubes in the pre amp (search for "motor boating" and "... 
Tom Waits...anyone?
thanks for the responses everyone - definitely some good places to start...for those who are interested, i've posted a link to the austin city limits homepage that provides info on tom waits' performance...apparently, it was from 1979http://www.pb... 
Suggestions for Thiel and Conrad Johnson tube amp
I am driving my Thiel 2.3s with a Plinius SA 100 amp and CJ Premier 17 pre-amp. I find that the Thiel's really benefit from the SS / Tube combo, as the SS provides the power necessary to drive the heavy Thiel load, while the tube provides welcome ...