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Integrated Amp Shopping Decisions
What about the new NAD C3050LE integrated?  Since you have a NAD now you can stay 'in the family' so to say. It's just a smidge over your budget at $1972 new. The MF is a good choice, too, imo.  
How hot is hot when moving from class a/b to to a or tubes?
I have the L-509x and Luxman USA confirmed that the L-509x operates as Class A up to 6 watts, then transitions to A/B.   With high efficiency speakers and modest listening levels, the L-509x likely operates solely in Class A.    
Does your "esoteric" taste in audio also exist in other "things" you own/consume?
Swords, scotch, and steaks.   
Dual mono integrated amps
Musical Fidelity makes/made several dual mono integrateds. Some of the older models have gotten good reviews; Tri-Vista 300, A308, A5  
Integrated amplifier for ATC SCM 19v2
@gerrie Unfortunately I have not heard the m6si500. If I remember correctly, I listened to a MF M8xi at the LA Audio Show back in 2017 paired with some large B&W speakers. Very dynamic. It’s been my experience that some speakers respond wel... 
Integrated amplifier for ATC SCM 19v2
I can't speak to the 19v2, but I did own the 11v2 for a couple of years. They paired well with my Musical Fidelity A5 integrated amp.  I then moved up to the Luxman L-509x and thought the 11v2 was even better primarily for low volume listening be... 
Speakers cause weather changes
ESG cultists will be reading this and getting ideas!  Class A amps are already under attack for contributing to climate warming.  
Blue Note Tone Poet Series
I've been dabbling in the purchase of some of the Blue Note and Tone Poet re-issues to selectively curate some holes in my modest jazz collection. But, I'm skittish as the last two orders have had warps and surface defects.  Blue Note has been co... 
Politics and Music
Babylon Bee's take on the Beach Boy's - genius! (and yes, I live in CA)    
Politics and Music
Get ready...Stormtroopers comin'.      
What is your record cleaning regimen?
I tried the Perfect Vinyl service for some problematic LPs that had bothersome groove noise even after multiple enzyme/rinse cleanings on my RCM. I made listening notes before sending them - timed locations of crackles and pops.  Still there.  Do... 
Luxman 550AXii and 509X
The Luxman L-509x is biased for 6 watts Class A before going AB to rated output. Depending on speaker pairing, most/all listening can be in Class A.    
ATC or Audio Note (2-way)
I was the one that mentioned it already - good video. I didn't have the link handy - so thanks for posting that!  
ATC or Audio Note (2-way)
Maybe, but my opinion was based on side by side comparisons of the ATCs and Audio Notes using two different integrated amps Musical Fidelity A5 Luxman L-509x The ATCs were great speakers - make no mistake; just compared to the Audio Notes they ... 
Technics SL 1200GR with What Cartridge???
I went from the Hana SH to the AudioTechnica AT33SA - granted not much of a cost difference and granted it's comparing HOMC to LOMC, but imo the AT33SA is the better sounding cartridge.  Maybe the Hana ML would be better, but then it's another lea...