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Ultralinear and Triode. What's the difference
My Muzishare X7 uses KT 88 tubes,  I have a issue with a pop in one spesker when I turn off in ultra linear, but if I turn off in triode it does not pop.I guess what I'm getting at do those different modes use different parts of the tube?Could the... 
Luxman T88v Tuner - How do I replace the lamps and with which ones????
Lamps above are not correct either, Im told it uses a lamp with leeds attached 
Luxman T88v Tuner - How do I replace the lamps and with which ones????
Still looking, joined the group mentioned and got nowhere 
Luxman T88v Tuner - How do I replace the lamps and with which ones????
Here is what I found so far about what lamp it takes12v capless panel bulb type 2862mm x 4.5mm 
Mcintosh 250 Transformer Hum Normal
Fyi I never had buzzing sound.Its a annoying hum,  I live in a nice area in Chicago, its all residential homes no commercial close by.Com Ed ran new lines not too long ago and as mentioned our home has fresh wiring from the pole in.Have, 3 pc here... 
Mcintosh 250 Transformer Hum Normal
Just from a Google searcha lamination, winding or clamping screw in the transformer has come loose. Screws can be tightened, and you could maybe re-dip the transformer in magic lacquer.the quiescent load on the transformer has increased, making ... 
Mcintosh 250 Transformer Hum Normal
Just wanted to clear this up. This was a Ebay purchased, seller dealer offered 30 day returns.Dont care what transformer is in it or not ,nor about my ac here.Have plenty of audio stuff here and have the common sence to know when something is not ... 
Mcintosh 250 Transformer Hum Normal
Whoa,Im sending it back, discussion closed... 
Mcintosh 250 Transformer Hum Normal
Back to the Dc blockers, its not the AC here. I have other receivers and and some tube stuff and nothing make a hum like this.House was rewired less then 8 years ago.This amp would be great for a loud environment but not good for my application , ... 
Mcintosh 250 Transformer Hum Normal
Problem is not the wiring, have a Macintosh 6100 here also,  that is dead quiet even if you put your ear right to the cabinet.Its the 250 transformer Im sure and annoying as heck.I have it in my bedroom and like listening at low levels through the... 
Mcintosh MA6100 How do I remove the front glass to replace lamps????
Got lamps a few blocks away at my local WW Grainger store., just too close by to pass upWorked perfect and the 1866 were a bit longer then the ones I removed.#51 bulb rates 1000 hrs Item # 2FMK7Mfr. Model # 2FMK7Catalog Page # 503UNSPSC # 3910161... 
Mcintosh MC250 ( Does this look like some of the caps have been replaced)??
Thanks all.Any other info on where I can narrow down the build date by serial number?? 
Mcintosh MA6100 ( how important is the 4/16 ohm) switch on the back?
Luxman Integrated - What do they sound like
Sort of off the subject,  i have the R115 and R117 receivers and love them both.Have.the Klipsch Heresy hooked to the 117 and.the KG 3 to the 115 
Fisher KX200 Vs Mcintosh Ma6100 ( I know apples and oranges) but would like some feedback
Yes but sorry to say that is way out of my price range and the Fisher does sound like a tube amp (joke).Thanks