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Does it have to sound good for you to like it?
I crossed that divide a long time ago. It's the music, not the static.  
A Better Way to Buy Gear - Help Needed
Just NO.  
Still the demons of GAS pursue me
GAS: Gear Acquisition Syndrome. A somewhat pejorative label offered to people who perpetually buy, sell, and/or trade audio or HiFi equipment, often in the false hope of finding their last components.  
Still the demons of GAS pursue me
@roxy54, No not Soundcraftsman. I do not want to tell the brand name because there is the chance of offending some members; besides, my thinking is that this could happen with many different brands from years ago.  
New expensive power cord for amp and no change in sound?
With my "Engineer" brain, I never believed any of this stuff about power cords sounding better/worse, or even different. Then, after chasing an intermittent problem/funny sound, for several months, in an Mc60, I became a believer. I had a cruddy p... 
Insurance for system
I read somewhere -- maybe here at the 'gon, maybe elsewhere, about a person making purchases, and wanting the listing/receipt to *not* include the word, "vintage". This want was out of concern that an insurance claim might be denied, on the ground... 
My experience with The Music Room
@dbt The player was DOA. It never worked at all. The wording of the condition in their listing leads me to believe that problem(s) were known, but that is spilled milk. My fault is not acting within the return window.  
My experience with The Music Room
I am in the minority of customers who received 100% inoperable equipment -- a CD player -- from TMR. With the situation of my life then, I had no way to seek redress. Ok, so I ate the 1500 or so. It was just too bad, I guess. I would not purchase... 
Dog pissed on speaker
Sorry to hear about this. I had pets growing up, and miss having one nonw, but between the high-dollar speakers and spousee's furniture, pets aren't happening for us. After the original assault and different sprays or organic compounds have hit t... 
Terry DeWick has passed
I had only email communications with him. He was quick to respond helpfully. A good man indeed.   
Krell KSA200s Help
I have a Krell 200s that distorts and clicks loudly when played at low or medium levels. By "low or medium levels", I mean no level LEDs on, or one LED on intermittently. When I crank it to where it is too loud to stay in the room, the distortion ... 
Costliest Brainfart
At a show with 200/300 people, I put 120VAC (hot wire) onto a common *audio* ground. Silenced both amplifiers and both speakers. Took Altec VOTs and Marantz 1060 from my van for substitutes, but...  
Tube microphonics
A thought I have *may* reduce the cost of fighting microphonics. And ChatGPT seems to agree -- to an extent: Is there such a thing as high-temperature O-rings, and could they be put around vacuum tubes in HiFi equipment, to suppress microphonic... 
Monster m 850 cable upgrades
  I share the experience ghdprentice had. Monster products were -- to say it gently -- not helpful in any of my systems at any time.  
Is My Tube Amp Unfixable? Help Needed
Assuming this amp uses a removable (IEC) power cord: You mentioned power cord -- are you (still) trying different power cords? I ask because I actually had a very bad IEC power cord -- bending the cord made the problem (noise/static) even worse. ...