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AE SP12 or Zavfino Nova OCC?
American Speaker Cable — American Series | Triode Wire Labs  
Qobuz Issues?
Sounds like communication between military bases  
New speakers unveiled from Clayton Shaw - Caladan
Anyone get their speakers or hear anything?  
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@12many  I too was a disbeliever. I recently upgraded my Node to Lumin U2 Mini for the same reason, just to see if there is a difference like many have said. There is.   
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@avbronco32 I tried Linn Kazoo but ca t get Tidal to show up. It downloads with Qobuz but I use Tidal. Do you know how?  
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@wlutke I tried that and it doesn't work. Got Roon acct fixed so 14 day trial so I can use my laptop.  
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My Lumin U2 mini arrived and setup was a snap. I'm running it USB out to Denafrips Iris then i2s to Pontus II 12th-1. As I expected it took about 20 minutes to figure out how to get tidal to play. seem to have an issue playing a saved playlist fro... 
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@signaforce I get the tablet thing but call me old school I still use a mouse. LOL  
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@signaforce I'm using a Pontus II 12th-1 and an Iris DDS via i2s  
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I also am a long time BS Node user. Started with their first one and have been using their latest N130 for quite a while now and Like it very much. The only reason I have never upgraded was because I like the operating system. After reading and he... 
Why do I prefer R2R over Chip based DAC's?
@chiliray    MHDT Labs Orchid DAC-Free Shipping In Cont. U.S For Sale - US Audio Mart  
Advantages with an outboard power supply
I'm thinking about it also for my Node but I have been reading some articles and watching some YouTube videos and they say it will not help a digital signal. So, I'm on the fence.  
Tidal FLAC vs. Qobuz
Soundiz is the one that I tried. Doesn't work too well for me either.  
Tidal FLAC vs. Qobuz
@p05129  Can you tell me the program you used to transfer your Tidal library to Qobuz  
Tubulos I2S cable
@jerrybj thanks. My friend has the Argentus also, but we don't know if it works. He lent it to someone else and that person said the cable was broken. I originally tried it and all I got was static and gave it back to him and then I started thinki...