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$750 Full Featured Remote Preamp Reccomendations
Feature by feature, the new HAP-100 from nuforce at $600 is a very good value. 
Nuforce DDA-100 - Any Experience?
Positive review posted on TNT:http://www.tnt-audio.com/ampli/nuforce_dda100_e.html 
Oppo Nuforce BDP-93NE
Check out the 6moons review, fairly detail. 
CDP with minimal controls on front panel
The Nuforce CDP-8 has NO BUTTON at all. Just a touch strip and would be completely stealth if you get the black on. 
Oppo BDP-83SE NuForce??
Secret just published the review.http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/blu-ray-players/756-oppo-bdp-83se-special-edition-universal-blu-ray-player.html 
CDP with "holographic" sound for less than 1000?
Get the Nuforce CDP08 
Oppo vs Rega or Wadia
The video from Oppo absolutely beats the Rega..... 
Oppo BDP-83 question
Oppo BDP-83 SE or Nuforce Edition will outperform the Marantz in audio performance. 
Has anyone heard the new OPPO BDP-83SE
Hi,Not sure whether 16 or 24, but 88.2 via Oppo is confirmed. 
Has anyone heard the new OPPO BDP-83SE
No machine can output SACD (DSD) signal through S/PDIF, however, they can be sent through HDMI.However, the Oppo allows one to convert DSD to PCM and then output via the HDMI. There are some products that converts HDMI LPCM signal into an S/PDIF s... 
Mark Levinson No. 334 vs 23.5
I had the 23.5 probably 10 years ago, it's no comparison by today's standard. At that time, it was easily over taken by Clayton Audio M100, I lost a lot of money selling the 23.5. 
Mark Levinson / Voltage Conversion US = Europe
326S is protected by an electronic circuit, as soon as the voltage is altered, you can no longer use the unit unless a Pass Code is entered. Not all European ML distributor is willing to support/provide this code.Not sure if ML does that to the po... 
Cotter Comparisons
Yes, had the complete system 3 pieces in total (power supply, phono eq, amplifier stage), and MC is hooked in through the Cotter Step up. For record, I also owned 2 versions of the Cotter step ups. The "L" version, as I heard, was not as good as t... 
Cotter Comparisons
I have owned and heard the Cotter phono stage (active), they are so-so. Perhaps good in 1960, but not any more in 2007.The transformer, however, is a different league, they are still very good even with modern cartridge in modern system. 
Music server quality.
I almost decided to invest the money for a stand-alone music server then I realized that the stand-alone music servers are dead ends, because if I am to 'enter' all my hundreds and hundreds of CDs into the proprietary server without back-up capabi...