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Brinkmann Edison MKII Phono Amp
@pindac    Thank you for enhancing this post with your expertise in linguistics.  
Brinkmann Edison MKII Phono Amp
@alan60  You're welcome, and thank you for sharing your experience with the Brinkmann Edisson MK2.  
Brinkmann Edison MKII Phono Amp
@alan60  Although many reports or reviews tend to overlook the xmfr feature, I personally find it incredibly valuable for its functionality. Keep enjoying your wonderful setup!  
Brinkmann Edison MKII Phono Amp
It’s louder since the signal is pure balance, aka +6db Check your gain and resistance configuration to match your cartridge On my system it works perfectly your soundstage perception change might be from the increased DB in the signal, that make... 
Brinkmann Edison MKII Phono Amp
Hello @alan60  Yes, I use the xmfr; it's the default setting in my setup. My interconnects (IC) are XLRs. The transformer allows the signal to maintain true full balance and maximize my interconnects' performance. Additionally, I use Miyajima La... 
Lumin u1 or Aurender N10
Aurander for good or worse is a close environment, take that into consideration. Lumin supports Roon while Aurander does not. regarding each sound quality, better here both on your system as everything is dependent on your setup components.    
Brinkmann Edison MKII Phono Amp
@lewm  The word "Shalom" in Hebrew equals hello, bye or peace 😉  
Brinkmann Edison MKII Phono Amp
@lensman  My unit is dead quiet, with no issues or problems. It connects to Luxman c900u preamplifier and 2XM900U monoblock amplifiers, the source had been upgraded to Brinkmann Balance with RontII DC.   What phonostage do you use today?    
New Luxman Flagship Power Amplifier M-10X coming in October...
Thanks for sharing, from pictures the interior looks same as the 900 seriesalso the spec looks the same, guess most work is in the "voicing department" and the front panel cosmetics. 
Try Perlisten subwoofer. from my experience D212S subwoofer is a better subwoofer than JL or REL offer - better DSP, less distortion level.so many times you have to touch the subwoofer to actually "know" it's playing, never before i  have heard su... 
replace Mcintosh with Luxman
My Magico S3MK2 are powered by 2 Luxman M900u amp (using C900u pre-amp)without knowing your room i can almost assure you you will get improvement in all aspect 9more refined sound, more dynamic and micro dynamic, plenty more details and control ov... 
Which makes the biggest difference?
No one mention the source server, i think impact of the server on the chain is very listenable.also my experience with or without pre-amplifier goes toward with(good) pre-amplifier. 
Analog Upgrade - Where to start?
I would consider upgrading the phono stage to something on the same level as the rest of the system (Dagostino, Boulder, Brinkmann, Zesto), if budget allows i would also change the cartridge. 
Owner Review - Cardas Clear and Cardas Clear Light Speaker Cables
@dmk_hifiHigh-end audio is bound to the law of diminishing returns - cables are no different in that matter. 
My System's Weakest Link - What Say You...
If i have to finger what's most audiophile weakest link it definitely goes for room acoustics.You can fix this with passive measures or with electronic measures like ARC or the much better Trinov. after fixing the acoustics problem that your not e...