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Klipsch Forte IV ... what amp ?
Pass Labs XA25 or INT25.    
Audiophile speakers that rock well
Proac Studio 140MKII does everything you want it to. (dealer disclaimer) 
Speakers for 3K
Proac Studio 140 MKII 
what has a Thiel soundstage, but more sensitivity?
Any Proac is very easy to drive and Proacs mate very well with Pass Labs. I sell both and that is the pairing I use, moreso with the small 30 watt XA30.5 
Pass Lab XA30.5 with Totems
I completely disagree with Audiofeil (not looking to start an argument, but just want to display a different viewpoint). There are some tangible traits that can only be had in certain amplification no matter what is hooked up before or after it. N... 
Pass Lab XA30.5 with Totems
Disclaimer: I am a dealer for Pass and Proac, however if you like Totem speakers why not go right to Proac. Similar look, sound better (I find Proac's more transparent and dyamic though) similar price and are easily driven with the XA30.5. Email m... 
Seeking a "high end" integrated amplifier
No brainer, Pass Labs INT-150Disclaimer: I am a dealer..... 
Front-Ported Monitors
Proac D2 
Krell FPB750MCX versus Pass X160.5 or X600.5
Pass XA will have same control as Krell with all the liquidity of the rest of the Pass lineup, and then some. XA series have more control over low end than X series. As long as you are getting high powered XA series, it will be comparable to Krell. 
Help chossing a good speaker. $ 3-5 K
The Proac D2s should be considered, amazing sound, very transparent with great bass. Must be heard! There is a review in Absolute sound you can check out. 
Suggestions for preamp compatible with Pass X250?
Stay with Pass preamps.....you could always get an X2.5 or even an X1 then get an outboard phono form someone else when ready. 
AAD 7001 vs Magico Mini MK II
I had the AAD 7001s for a while as a dealer. They were the best monitor I ever heard, real bass to below 30hz and an incredible open top end. I never heard the magicos, but I cannot imagine them being much better. 
Floorstanding Speaker - Recommendation
Proac Tritowers. 
What is the best electronics for Proac D80?
Pass Labs and Proac are a magical combination. Especially the new XA.5 series amps that run pure class A. 
Easy to drive large speakers for Rock & Roll?
Proac Studio 140s, you will be stunned. If I can assist let me know.