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Review: Acoustat Model 2 Speaker
My company is called Sound Insight and we are in the process of building a dedicated servo direct drive amplifier to drive a pair of 2+2’s along with 4 per side open baffle woofers with dedicated 1,000 watt Audio Control amps with DSP for the woof... 
Capital Audiofest, save thyself!
Capital Audiofest, save thyself!
Unfortunately you did not make it into our room the Roosevelt room featuring GT audio works loudspeakers. We played every genre of music and I mean every genre including rap hip-hop rock reggae. 
Why have capacitors improved so much over the years?
The new ODAM caps from VH Labsare quite amazing besting even cast copper Duelund.in comparison they made the Duelund sound slowand not as open and organic as the VH labs. 
I nominate this company as building best speakers!
Kw6 - I am not going to badmouth another company however based on your response I need to tell you that I have heard the Steinem Speakers and they do not have no where’s near the transparency nor the dynamic capabilities of the GT Audioworks speak... 
I nominate this company as building best speakers!
Do your homework.https://youtu.be/U3WhzM8krww 
Finally found THE SPEAKER!!!
I was a former dealer for Wisdom Audiofor over 10 years as good as they were - there is a technologically superior planar speaker by GT Audio Works- they utilize a proprietary membrane that unlike all other speakers do not produce any resonance or... 
Innuos Zenith mk3 complete disappointment
Small Green Computer I9 Transporter 16 TB SSD computer feed fiber optically to Signature Rendu Tier II has beat out everything. 
How many NICE looking high end floor standing speaker are there at present
Please check out the GT Audio Works planar speakers which include the open baffle servo subs. The speakers are very unique in that they do not have a crossover on the main 6 foot panel and are the only open dipole speakers that utilize a proprieta... 
Synergistic UEF Blue v. Cerious Graphene Matrix Power v. Mad Scientist Audio Nitro Nano
Triode Wire Labs silver obsession is a giant killer.very detailed, huge deep soundstage not to bright and not to smooth- just natural and organic. 
Power Conditioner: Isotek, Audioquest or other?
I tried everything including PS Audio AC regenerators the best is a 220v line using a 220visolation transformer. I  use the Richard Gray RM 240v Substation that can handle over 4,000 watts. 
Rethm Maargra Speaker: High efficiency, very easy impedance, built for SET amps.
I heard the Baahva and it was not coherent.At higher volume levels you can hear the cabinet vibrate. 
Spatial Audio open baffle speakers, who has them? Worthwhile change from Maggies?
In response to Tomic 601’s query-I am using the term Kevlar like to make an analogy between how a Kevlar vest essentially stops or prevents a bullet from penetrating a Kevlar vest - the analogy here being the propriety membrane having enough tensi... 
Spatial Audio open baffle speakers, who has them? Worthwhile change from Maggies?
We are dealers for GT Audio Works planar speakers. They are a must audition and have a ton of rave reviews. Herb Reichert from Stereophile stated they can go toe to toe with any speaker system out there cost no object.unlike maggies and other plan... 
Why are brick and mortar HiFi dealers so bad?
A lot of audiophiles on Long Island know that Sound  Insight has its main store in Huntington, New York and has a dedicated high-end showroom located in Massapequa New York where we feature our reference system from Pass Labs, Lampizator, GT Audio...