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ARCAM: is it me or is it a bit compressed?
I have used the Arcam recievers (AVR 100 and 200) with various speakers. As good a component the Arcam is, it does have it's limitations. I had some difficulty with driving my Usher RW729 with my Arcams. Some speakers will need more amps to "open ... 
Absolutely worst LP that you own & enjoy?
Probably any pop lp recorded in the 1980's would qualify. Some that come to my mind are Boston (all albums), Pat Benatar (most albums), Beach Boys (most albums), Monkees (all albums), Barry Manilow (most ablums), there are many others that would f... 
Limited size for bookshelf speakers...help??
You may want to consider the Gallo A'diva Ti. The Gallo Dues might fit without the stands. 
Looking For High Quality Drum Music.
Try Kodo, A Japanese drumming group. They have several recording on CD as well as DVD. 
Looking For High Quality Drum Music.
Try looking up Scott Fitzgerald, Thunderdrums. A cross between native American and African percussion. 
Trade or not...
Give the Arcam a try. It is one of the best sounding pre/pros for the money. I can understand your frustration though. 
I hope break in is true
You haven't said much about who or what you purchased, but the answer is generally Yes! It will definitely improve! It will take about 100 hours to start sounding fair to good. After the first 100 hours the machine will settle in. Congratulations ... 
Help with deciding on a small power conditioner
Edge Electronics makes a four plug conditioner called the ACF1. 
Has anyone heard the new edge cdp?
I heard the Edge CD player at CES in the Edge room. I overheard Harry Pearson talking in the Edge room telling them it was one of the best that he heard. I plan on getting one myself in the near future but I just purchased the G2 preamp and a pair... 
Demoing speakers in LA area?
The already mentioned stores are great referrals, look up the dealers near you on the modernhometheater.com website. You can find dealers by several ways, zip code, state, etc. They will probably have two channel system for you to evaluate. good l... 
Arcam DV 88 vs Arcam DV 78
If I remember correctly the only difference is the progressive output on the 78 which was available on the 88P. 
Best DVD player with DVI??
Try programming the Samsung into your Arcam remote. It is a learning remote and should be able to control the DVD unit. 
Recommended speakers around $10K used
For guitar reproduction and imaging, check out a planar speaker. I would highly recommend checking out Wisdom Audio M-50 for your set up. I had a similar set up with my M-50's separated by my equipment. They would rival the Megalines but beat them... 
Transport replacement costs - Proceed
I sympathize with you, the manufacturer will mark up the repair cost significantly. I had the transport replaced recently in my DVD player and it cost me about a grand for the repair and shipping. A bit much for a discontinued player whic now will... 
Mono's for HT Rear channels
I have used the Bryston Powerpak 120 for mono applications in my home theater set up, rears and center, with great results. They come with balanced and single ended connections.