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Beatles Box Sets Update
The mono set will still be limited. Not sure to what number but they will not be around for long. Also won't be sold as individual albums - just the set.Think I will buy a few and sell them on E Bay in a year. Is that worse than being an audio sal... 
Do you plan to buy The Beatles CD remasters?
"cute ditty"Wow, so sophisticated.... 
Do you plan to buy The Beatles CD remasters?
Hey smug vinyl lovers. I am too a vinyl lover. I have 3-4 copies of every Beatle album on various issues of vinyl. The point is, get your head out of your you know what and stop the cliche filled BS. We all know vinyl CAN be better than CD. Bit un... 
Do you plan to buy The Beatles CD remasters?
"NO..I too have all the beatles vinyl from my youth in the 60's and all only played once.."Give me a break. You must not like the music too much if they have only been payed once.Its interesting reading these "holier than thou" postings from the v... 
You know you have "it" bad when...................
When you find out TVAD worships Eddie Mercury... 
Top 5 Rock n Roll Vocalists
John LennonDaltreyEarly SpringsteenEarly Elton JohnEarly Elvis 
Bruce Springsteen, did you see the show?
Saw the show a few weeks ago. Time before was 1978. First one was much better. Still good though the song selection was not what I wished for. He's a bit of a cheerleader in the Bono mode now. But what else is there these days? 
The Beatles albums finally all remastered
I predict there will be a vinyl release - they tend to be announced later. The masses (poor lot) are interested in CD's only. 
Replace rubber feet on Rega table?
I have read in a few places, lately in absolute sound, that they can let vibrations in. I have also experienced vibration when playing loud but attributed it to the dust cover being on. Things improve with the cover off when playing loud. Just won... 
Beatles Without George Martin?
No, he is not worthy. There were 4. Period. 
Rega TT Dust Cover Vibration
I don't think it is wishful thinking - it is real. Especially when enjoying a long session at a good volume level. 
Rega TT Dust Cover Vibration
Good advice - thanks to all! 
It is 5 AM, Do you Know where Mikey Fremer is?
All vinyl lovers should be thanking Mikey. He is part of the reason for the rebound that vinyl has made. And he is very knowledgeable. 
Celebrity Audiophiles? Do you guys know of any?
Who is Fabio? 
New York Times article on Beatles and bootlegs
Here is the link:http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/27/arts/music/27beat.html?_r=1&scp=2&sq=beatles&st=cse