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Cartridge suggestions
Pick a Grado Cartridge---Nuff said. 
Need a good inexpensive stereo pre!
The Creek is very good equipment.However the Forte preamps are very good and build quality is unsurpassed. The model 40 can usually be had for around $300.00. 
Amps for Genesis 350's
Need Current?? Threshold S/1000 Series 2 Mono Blocks. Rated output 500 Watts 20-20,000Hz at no ore than 0.1 distortion into 8 ohms of resistive or reactive impedance. Output Transistor Complement:40 high speed 200 volt,2 amp rated devices.Output C... 
Amplifier Suggestions?
Vintage Threshold Class A or Pass Labs Class A.When it comes to this equiment there is only pretenders and contenders.Nelson Pass has ruled as a designer for the past 25 years. His designs are timeless.One final thought you only have to hammer a t... 
A good place to get started is with the Threshold Cascode 1 at 75 RMS per side or the Cas 2 at 100 per side. For Class A the 400a is very good.These are usually reasonable starting at $400 for the Cas units and roughly $600.00 for the 400a. From t... 
cartridge for well tempered classic
I agree pick a Grado any Grado.Have been using Grado Cartridges for more years than I care to remember---NEVER BEEN DISAPPOINTED!!! 
Best CD for $1000
Recently a neighbor of mine bought the Denon 370 CD Player. It has the HDCD chip in it,the 20 bit version.While this is not a high end product,it impressed me enough to go out and buy one.Having been in this hobby since 1957 and owned all sorts of... 
Threshold -- Dead or Alive?
Yep I collect a Threshold as well. Cannot offer anymore insight to the current situation of Threshold. So at this point I just collect and see what develops. I agree with another comment. Truly Threshold was one of the all time best. It is my hope... 
24/96 Format
What about HDCD is it a noticeable improvement in the CD format?--Or more just smoke and mirrors? 
Review: Threshold NS 10 Preamplifier
From Nelson Pass:Nelson Pass 
Review: Threshold NS 10 Preamplifier
From Nelson Pass:Nelson Pass