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Thanks to Paul McGowan
noromance I think I'll get the book.  
un-becoming an audiophile
arizonabob I was guessing at the year. We had just moved into our new house. Had it off a bit.  
un-becoming an audiophile
Got mt first stereo at age 13. An 8 track player & radio. I hung the speakers on the wall of my bed room. While playing Three Dog Night one evening I found  The sweet spot.  That was it. I was hooked. That was in 1967.  Why ever quit..  
Considering moving to separates with a tube preamp-appreciate recommendations
I just today hooked up my PS Audio BHK pre-amp, used $3500, to new to me PS Audio M1200 mono blocks, used $3200.  They sound really good. Lots of depth. Big sound stage.  I put in NOS  1958 Telefunken tubes in the amps & pre so after burn in ... 
M1200 PS Audio
Good to hear. I have an extra sett of Telefunkens for my pre-amp. I'll put them in.  
M1200 PS Audio
M1200 PS Audio
Thank you!  
Did the Old Receivers Sound Good?
Bought a new Sansui AU 717 in 1978. Double mono design. I thought it sounded great.  
Dual mono integrated amps
My first amp in 1978 was an AU 717 Sansui. It was a dual mono design. Great amp.  My $.02  
World's Best Stereo System ?...
asvjerry Good comment, had to laugh.....  
World's Best Stereo System ?...
Here is the best..hands down.    
Why is it that every time, lately, that I'm interested in a thread...
I don't know where MC went. He could sure ruffle some feathers....  
Why is it that every time, lately, that I'm interested in a thread...
"You all are whistling in the dark. You need to learn to LISTEN. To really pay attention. Here are some photos [inserts link of his system for the 1000th' time] of what a real Einstein can do. Oh, and by the way, you need to get Townshend podiums,... 
Sad to hear the good people at Timbernation had a fire (and no insurance).
We pay over $100,000/year for insurance. It's just good business.  
Packing & Shipping Large/Heavy Speakers
I shipped a set of Kanta II to Florida from Missouri. I shipped them standing up on a pallet. We shrink wrapped them with Lots of wrap. They got there fine. If you do this use Lots & lots of wrap.