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Just saw Jesse Cook...yeaow!
..ohh  and hearing his group live..two thumbs up..each member of his group is overflowing with talent in a wide range of instruments/vocals/percussion.  You can tell they really enjoy what they're doing.  Fun show. The audience was on their feet f... 
Just saw Jesse Cook...yeaow!
..smooth jazzy.. yah..apparently he came out of the Narada thing years ago, though it appears he's developed beyond this, from what I saw/heard.I too have a decided .."meh" ear for smooth jazz...too syrupy for me. Traditional jazz..50's-60's is so... 
TAD 150 Signature preamp remote sensor out?
Thanks IMH. I'll bring this option up with him when I speak with him next week.As a result of some searching last night I ID'd the Audiocubics R-Cube..looks like an option.  Any other popular (good quality) units like this? 
TAD 150 Signature preamp remote sensor out?
Just got back from a local audio shop that I've used previously.  Guy said the remote is working fine, sensor inside preamp is receiving and forwarding the signal fine.  The signal stops at some small logic controller that processes the remote con... 
Audioengine B1 Bluetooth - Really Surprised
..haven't been around here in a good while..listening to music I guess..Anyway..I thought I'd toss in my 2 cents on the Audioengine B1.  I searched A-gon for a smartphone-bluetooth-Pandora input to my system solution and arrived at this thread.  I... 
smartphone to system
It would appear the Arcam rBlink receiver with its digital output to my existing DAC is an answer...good discussion.. :) 
help to find a audio repair shop in chicago il
You might try the Audio Shop in Racine, WIIt looks to be the current location of a guy that has done work for me in the past...nice guy & very good work. If it is..he had a shop inside Al's Stereo in Racine up until Al's was sold and moved/clo... 
AudiogoN Presents: Wake Up Your Ears Sampler
CD format? 
Paul Grzybek Tube Audio Design Passing
Just ran across this..very sad. I traded a few emails with him after I picked up a TAD-150 Sig. I'm still running it today & it sounds great. He was very helpful..seemed like a nice guy. 
12-sided cones dodecahedrons for audio
oops..sorry. There are a few boards that are public, but the woodworking board isn't one of them. A guy posted some pics he was making for a client. Spam would be one thing you wouldn't get from that site. Privately owned...non-commercial & de... 
12.12.12 concert
The Who..IMHO blew them all away..though I only watched up to 11pm eastern. They've still got it. 
Audiophile blues...
I recently picked up Buddy Guy's "Blues Singer"..two thumbs up. 
Amy Winehouse - Lioness
I heard and interview with Tony Bennett about her shortly after she passed. He said she was about the best jazz singer he'd ever worked with..which is a fairly large statement from TB. 
Build a new system around pair of Snell Alll's?
Sort of late to the party, but I haven't been around in a while. I have two pairs of Type A's (AII & AIII). While the AIII's need the woofer cones redone, I'm running the AII's with a McCormack DNA1, Paradesea DAC, Jolida 100 CD player, and TA... 
Lisa Hannigan - Sea Sew on Vinyl
Lisa and Damien did a GREAT cover of Holiday's "Don't Explain" on Herbie Hancock's "Possibilities".