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New Cary DMS 700
This is the Cary claim 6moons disputed:" Not content using an R2R Ladder DAC alone, Cary says it also incorporated an FPGA chip that works in conjunction with the DAC to make sure no crossover distortion is present, “for an extremely coherent an... 
New Cary DMS 700
The problem is the price. Realistically, it should cost max $4000. I am certain Denafrips Ares II R2R is not worse that it at $1k price 
New Cary DMS 700
The point made by 6moons is that they were equally excited with their "XX" (where XX can be 500, 550, 600) 
New Cary DMS 700
$6000 or $8000 more so is a hefty price to pay to find out. And once somebody plunge those bucks he will nit have other choice but to praise it (in order to sell it to the next guy). 
New Cary DMS 700 
New Cary DMS 700
Srajan Ebaen from 6moons had some harsh comments about Cary DMS-700 claims. 
Lumin X1 or dCS Bartok
I was told that the following $800 DAC beats Bartok in resolution and openness : 
Server/Streamer or Streamer/DAC?
@soix Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, it makes sense to keep DAC separate. There is a lot of things ongoing with brands like Topping, SMSL, Orchard, Gustard that according to many surpass $4000 DACs already for under $1000.On the other hand, many ... 
Wolf Audio Server/Streamer Owners
How does it compare to Antipodes CX/EX? 
Lumin X1 latest Review like we have been saying
@audiotroy have you compared Lumin X1 and Brinkmann Nyquist II by any chance? 
Enjoying my Audience Au24Sx Speaker Cables, wondering how much better are the Front Row?
How does it compare to Inakustik cables? 
MHDT dac...and which streamer/server?
@mapman  How do you stream via Roku? 
Lumin X1 or dCS Bartok
Re transformers, McIntosh uses transformers. They have their followers, but many people do not consider them high-end (coloration, pace, etc). At the same time, I think dCS cut corners with Bartok. Imagine you have a Ferrari and now you want to cu... 
Is Audio Bluebook dead?
Hifishark is excellent for searching Audiogon. But now that Audiogon no longer shows Sold prices, buyers will turn to other sites 
Can I view past sales
And now that agon no longer shows Sold prices of sold items, sales will be further decimated. Showing Sold price was the only competitive advantage agon had over audio marts and other sites. What now is going to happen is that buyers will auto...