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What speakers can b considered as world reference?
Apogee Grand, Genesis 1.1, The very big Acapella, Wilson WAMM, Nola Grand Exotica, Apogee Fullrange and some others. Basically the systems that dont tend to favour a certain type of music. 
Class-D amps - a different re view
"I want to get a copy of Mr. Collin's article. I don't know about others, but my system would cream anything he has that uses his favorite conventional amp." 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
DIVAs. I wouldnt sell a Genesis 1 either. But i will definetly not sell my Grands, cause i will never get another one :-) 
Do the big Maggies play LOUD
Apogees will play very loud and very clear but require amplifiers with balls of steel to do so. I personally owned VMPS RM30's and 626 and i am absolutly against recommending them. Horrible built quality and a horrible response. I would recommend ... 
Contribute to best speaker count.
...Apogee Acoustics The Grand 
What can come after Apogee Divas ?
Hello there,i have had Scintillas, have DIVAS, Calipers, Duettas and own Apogee Grands. The Fullrange comes next but needs huge power. My buddy runs them fully active with 6 Krell KRS200 amps ;-) After that comes nothing for a long time. If you fi... 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
If you are one of the lucky guys to have 1 of the 20 pairs in the world, dont sell them cause chances are youll never find one again. 
Personal speaker evolution
17 years= Infinity RS317 years= Onkyo THX Sys 2 F118 years= Onkyo THX Ultra Sys119 years= Magnepan MG 0.519 years= Magnepan MG 1.620 years= Magnepan MG 3.620 years= Second MG 3.621 years= Apogee Scintilla22 years= Apogee DIVA23 years= Apogee GRAND... 
should i sell my speakers by piece or together?
I would sell them as a set and if you cant sell them, then go seperatly. I can give one advice tough, do NOT use UPS for shipping and double box them :-) 
Need some tips
Thats how i feel, but something keeps from me doing so. Everytime i look at my DIVAS... feels kinda weird parting with it. 
Need some tips
Well,What is your experience with the Genesis 350i? How difficult is it to find a Genesis 350i and is it worth it in the long run`?ThanksFlo 
The best speaker you ever heard?
In my opinion the Apogees, for me its first the DIVA, Scintilla, Duetta and then the Caliper. I like a completely neutral and precise speaker that can throw a tall realistic image and thats why i have the DIVA's now. But one has to junk the crosso... 
Are you open minded about loudspeaker designs?
If it has a box, it fails. The only ones i could ever stand was the Maggies, Apogees, MBL (one exeption), Acoustats or SoundLab. There are some good boxes, but id pic a planar any day of the week. Just me 
A brutal review of the Wilson Maxx
I havent seen a bad review in a long time. But i see B&W pretty much on top of every page. Oh wait, Wilson sells speakers that cost more then someones house and odd enough just like B&W has TONS of advertising in their magazines. Kinda str... 
A brutal review of the Wilson Maxx
Well i thought i would join in too. I once heard a Wilson Watt Puppy about 5 years ago and it was my first High End experience. While i did remember that i found the sound very cold and dead sounding that the precision and depth really impressed m...