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McIntosh's pre and power amp, change AC Mains voltage by end users
Why would you want to?  
Looking for an usb player
The hi-fi rose 150b might fit your needs.  
Preamp Advice/experiences needed
I have the calypso signature just upgraded from standard. Very happy with the results I’m having in regards to sound quality. I asked Glenn at Aesthetix if the eclipse would make a difference again and he said it would be twice as good. If you do ... 
Preamp Advice/experiences needed
Tmr audio has an eclipse for sale $6132 and some odd cents.   
AudioQuest vs Cardas XLR
might want to read through this.  
MC601 power output
Like Russ69 said is there a audible difference? I have McIntosh 462 and I noticed a difference on the left channel turned out to be a faulty cable and it showed on the meter,so I guess you could say it was a power issue to.  
My PerfectWave dac is working!
Glad you got everything working,but I find it hard to believe that you bought these amps here. And they don’t work. Can’t see why a member would sell two dead amps. No benefit to anyone.  
My PerfectWave dac is working!
What works coltrane1?I’m interested to know,and how you resolved the problem.  
Aurender help needed - file loading
usHow do I transfer music files to an Aurender Music Server? Or you can go to aurrender’s site,I think give you info on how to transfer your music files.  
Is there an affordable all in one Flac burning appliance?
www.dbpoweramp.comdBpoweramp: mp3 Converter, CD Ripper, FLAC, Apple Lossless ...    
Wiring 2 outlets to 2 dedicated 20 amp circuits with a single 10/3 electrical wire.
I agree jea48 has gone out his way. Since you don’t see a problem with a multi branch circuit go ahead and install it then.Problem solved. Or you could use some noise filters. 
Klipsch Speakers
dweller Thanks for the info I definetly will make the change and report back after I do some listening. Installing the iso GaiaIi made a good amount of difference.   
Klipsch Speakers
I have the klipsch forte iv all round they are a pretty good speaker.dweller is right the binding posts  come loose have to retighten from the inside. I took the metal caps off and installed the iso acoustics gaia ii. As for brightness they are a ... 
Upgrading power system
@boxcarman I presume your wiring from the main panel is 12/2 to your outlets?  
Alternative to JRiver for PS Audio PWD II with bridge and Mac Mini
Have a look here