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If that's the case, look for dealers raising prices as inventory approaches zero.  
Paypal drastic changes
The biggest issue will be trying to find a 10 year old receipt for an amp or pair of speakers to show the purchase price. What happens then? Vinyl record sale profits are taxed as Capital Gains and taxed at 28% and there are a lot of sellers out t... 
Setting Azimuth
How do you save these calibration files to your computer? For some reason they show up as quicktime files and I can't save them without buying a pro quicktime license. 
Timeline Calculator
Anyone using the platterspeed app.?Using any testrecord with a 3150 Hz track you can record and adjust with your iPhone (or iPad, or iPod Touch) from the loudspeaker in an endless loop. 
Trouble with rega white belt seating properly
I returned the first white belt I purchased due to the same problem. It is a manufacturing defect. Ask for an exchange. 
Rega Planar 3 Help/Advice
Pepboys sells it. 
Genelex Gold Lion KT-88 reissued tubes
Thank you newbee for the response. I have Harbeth M40 speakers that are an inefficient load. The bass response is on the loose side so if the KT88's will have more control on the bottom end, I'd definitely like that. I also could use a little more... 
Genelex Gold Lion KT-88 reissued tubes
I'm considering replacing my Winged "C" 6550's in my MFA 200D monoblocks with the Gold Lion KT88 reissues. I need a total of 12 tubes so it is an expensive purchase. I've been seeing a lot of reliability issues on this thread and was hoping to get... 
Dynavector XV-1s loading question.
Hi Raul, I agree. I'm not stressing the fine details yet but the cartridge is sounding better every day. 
Dynavector XV-1s loading question.
Thank you all for taking the time to post. I had initially used 700 ohm when the cartridge was new since I wasn't too concerned about loading until I had a few hours on it.I still only have 40 hours on it and it actually sounds quite nice with the... 
Graham Phantom B44 on a TW Acustic Raven AC1
I can help. I installed my Phantom on an armboard I machined for a turntable I built.Firstly, spindle to pivot = 217.5mmEffective length = 235mmBob Graham gave me those numbers.The mounting base I have is the Graham mount with 4 thru holes.The 4 h... 
Additional armwand for Graham Phantom?
You do indeed have to be very careful in swapping tonearm wands because there is "rotational play" in the armwand with respect to the keying mechanism on the threaded base.The threads are cut precisely but the keyway has enough play in it so that ... 
Graham Phantom , simple tweak for improved sound
The lock screw on my Phantom MUST be locked down because when loosened, the tonearm tilts to one side slightly due to play in the ground body that moves up and down in the tower. If I don't tighten it, the whole assembly is tilted so azimuth and s... 
Restock, Wouldn't the soundcard in your laptop need to be calibrated to provide an accurate measurement? I know that some room measuring software, such as REW, requires that your soundcard be calibrated in order to provide an accurate measurement. 
Rega P5 Upgrade:TTPSU,Platter Or Subplatter?
I responded in another thread regarding the Achroplat but I should mention that I will have acrylic platters available in 3-4 weeks.