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How old are you?
Just turned 68 but feel like I did at 50. 
1st Album you Ever Owned?
America:Horse with no name.Was into the first part of the journey!!! 
Cartridge recommendation please...
If I were using you’re setup,I would definitely have a look at the Soundsmith line. 
I really wanted to dislike D'Agostino
Earlier this year I gotta great deal on a pair of Progression mono blocks after owning several AR amps over the years latest being the 150 se and all I have to say is WOW.Not going back to tube amps after installing these! 
Power Cord Suggestions REF 5se
Give him a call at 612-584-3229. 
Power Cord Suggestions REF 5se
I've been using Sain Line cords on my Ref 5se and Ref 2se for quite some time and they are definitely a sonic match with ARC gear.They just plain get out of the way and allow the equipment to reveal what it was designed to do. 
Tonearm lift
Thanks for all the replies.Looks like the Expressimo will be the ticket. 
Tonearm lift
ChaksterEminent Technologies 2.5 linear tracking arm.I'm looking for an auto lift that cues up  at the end of play. 
Tonearm lift
Thanks for your reply.Any particular one that you know of? I posted this thread because of the available ones out there all show examples with pivoted arms. 
Amp ac cable connection
I've always had my amp directly into wall with a good outlet and a non limiting power cord by that meaning some  Pc's seem to restrict power flow.Tried the other rout and lost some dynamics.Just my 2 cents. 
Lyra Kleos Repair
To answer your question above,it was the Atlas and all it needed was a retip.Came back sounding as it was when new.Peter claims it's an easier fix to do both if the cantilever is out of wack.but mine was ok.Good luck in whatever you decide to do. 
Lyra Kleos Repair
More affordable solution is to contact Soundsmith and let Peter Linderman do his magic.Takes about two months to get it back and good as new.Ask me how I know. 
Desperately needed quality amp stands!!
Sound Anchors in Palm Bay, FL make excellent amp stands that can be filled with lead shot to make them even more inert for a very fair price. 
R.I.P. David Bowie
Another one takes the stairway to heaven.Put on those dancin shoes and dance.RIP Mr. king of Ziggy Pop. 
What makes a better phono cable ?
AlmrgFrom a technical standpoint Al,you seem to know quite a bit about proper setup of a front end and I value your input.Now if only could find a Hyperphono at an attractive price that would be great. By the way,there is a Silent Source Extreme P...