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What next????
Aven, I'm in the same boat but from a different perspective. I already have a 5.1 system. Not being able to have two separate systems I want to build upon my current rig for 2 channel performance. My first step was dealing with my source and I th... 
GMA Callisto
Elsneb, Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and to offer up information. Cheers  
GMA Callisto
Well after reading numerous posts on AA(maybe a bad thing) I do now have some questions. What now has me worrried is how they sound if I'm not in the sweet spot, which it seems for these speakers is small. Short of demoing these in my own invirom... 
GMA Callisto
Thanks Mijknarf, I remember seeing your system when Im did a search for GMA Callisto's under Virtual Systems. I hope on my road I don't get distracted. I plan on giving Roy a call in the new future. Cheers 
Recommended amp to drive Paradigm speakers
I myself use Bryston and so far I am pleased. When I was looking SimAudio was considered. Just as Bryston has PMC I believe Paradigm has Anthem. Cheers 
Beginners Pre-amp
This is my first venture into putting together a system. Right now I can't afford the likes of BAT, Aesthetix and the like. So I'm looking for something to start me off on a good foot. Cheers 
Beginners Pre-amp
Thanks guys, The SWL9.0SE seems to be the front runner for me. I just read a review on AA comparing it to a CJ Act2. Cheers 
Beginners Pre-amp
Thanks guys for the suggestions. I'll look into the Herron and deHavilland see if I can use a HT processor with it. The Modwright SWL9.0SE has what I need HT bypass so it's a contender. As I was looking into the BlueCircle 21.1 how does that comp... 
What's your profession? Age?
I'm 38 and I'm a registered medical radiation technologist specializing in CAT SCAN. I've just added a few new pieces and awaiting delivery. I have a modest system retails for 10k. Cheers 
Isolation Transformers
Thanks guys for all the work you did in finding me these links. Cheers 
Best isolation device
You could get custom shelves done such as Neuance. I haven't tried them yet but plan to for my CDP. Cheers 
Amp Stand for Bryston 4BSST
Thanks guys for the suggestions. I saw an amp stand simular to the skylan stand from Tyler acoustics. The reviewer had casters plus a handle put on inorder to move the amp around a McIntosh MC-602. I did email Chris from Timbernation but have yet... 
Should I or not
Here in lies one of my problems. I can't bring out my speakers 5ft out. I'm pushing it at 4ft and 3ft is the safe zone. Unfortunatly the placement of my speakers is where the landing is going from dining rooom to livingroom. Just to clarify I live... 
Should I or not
I all to clearly understand how brothers can be. It's 1:30am and I woke up thinking of all that's been going on. It seems from most of the responses that I've been on the right track by my short wall set-up. I just wish I had a clue to what I shou... 
Should I or not
I do plan in exprimenting more for my edification more as to how the sound changes from either set-up. Your right with either set-up room treatment will have to be used but I'm such a newbie in that respect I just don't know where to start. This w...