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Esoteric Master Clock
Wondering how Max/MartinGuitars made out--did you get the Esoteric G-02X clock to pair with your K-07Xs CDP?  I purchased the K-03XD CDP less than two years ago and it blew me away.  My dealer was trying to convince me at the time to add the G-02X... 
PS Audio PowerPlant P20 better than pure direct AC I get during the night?
Gianluca,I have a Running Springs Dmitri I would sell you if you are interested.  $2k plus shipping. 
JPS Aluminata v Stage III Concepts Magnus Prime
Timely. I just put in Aluminata ICs. JPS has once again transformed my system. I echo what Dave R said above about the characteristics; all the pluses and nothing to say for a downside. I simply cannot say enough about the Aluminatas.I'll also con... 
Tube preamp question
Do you have access to a McIntosh dealer? Like you I am considering a tube preamp upgrade (from my Mac C220) and intend to demo the C2500 at some point. That's their top-of-the-line pre insofar as single box units go.The inclusion of a killer DAC i... 
Best Acoustic Guitar Players Of All Time?
Norman Blake. Sean Persinger. Richard Thompson. Chris Proctor. Richard Leo Johnson. 
Laurie Anderson--Mister Heartbreak Bob Ludwig mastered Ltd. Ed. Quiex II Warner Bros. 1984 Astounding! Also features Peter Gabriel, Bill Laswell, Phoebe Snow, Nile Rogers and others. 
Best Acoustic Guitar Players Of All Time?
I didn't read through every post here as it is a rather dated list. I was happy to see many of the stalwart players, especially John Fahey (leading to Leo Kottke and Robbie Basho--where is the latter?). But there is a glaring omission on the Briti... 
Anyone HEARD the qol 'signal completion' device?
Kicking in a bit late on this thread (I have not tried the QOL yet) but Setonaudio's mention of room problems, odd shapes, etc brings up a good question, for me anyway.I have one of those difficult rooms (open side, other issues) and I'd put a McI... 
Is good customer service about dead?
Just a plug here for my local dealer. Speaker Shop in Buffalo, NY will do everything in their power to resolve any issues in your favor. Been doing business with them forever.They do in-home installs and in-home evals (the latter if they know you)... 
Next Upgrade Help
Sid, I don't know if that's an automatic but I agree with your general suggestion. I bought a McIntosh MEN220 (room correction unit) and it made a significant difference. I'm just not familiar enough with the OPs gear and obviously don't know anyt... 
The best CD Player for the money
I'll second (or third?) the Cambridge 840C. 
What makes a speaker too big for a given room?
So, Rrog, "whether the room will allow the bass to develop properly". I was trying to think along those lines. Should this mean you want your bass produced by smaller drivers? say, 7" drivers? Because typically in larger speakers you're going to g... 
Tube question for the electrical engineers
Onemug, It's a dedicated line and there's 116v reading right now (11:35 a.m.) at the wall. I am also reading 116v at the Brickwall. 
Tube question for the electrical engineers
You folks have been great and I do appreciate the time you've all taken. In response to one query, the MEN220 is new, and I had had three of these tube replacement occasions before I installed the unit between the C220 and the MC402.One other thin... 
Best audio purchase of 2011
I'd have to say it was my McIntosh MC-402. I later got the Mac MEN-220 and that helped out a funky room acoustics situation quite a bit.Happy New Year everyone!