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Speaker and Cable Suggestions Please
A solid state amp delivers the power equally across impedance variations.  A tube amp will put out more power at varying higher impedances resulting in a uneven frequency response similar to if you used an equalizer to boost the mids and highs up ... 
What does Nominal Impedance mean?
I vaguely remember that the speaker industry standard rating of impedance as what it is at 1000Hz.  Which is kind of silly because the impedance is usually all over the place unless the speakers use series crossovers.  
2023 AXPONA Show Report
Fritz Carbon 7 SE Mk2 speakers will be in room 512 driven by the fantastic Atma-Sphere class D mono blocks.  Come on by and check out the system!  Thanks, Fritz  
Dynamic Speakers to match Luxman L-509X
Hey Densen17- Fritz here...  I'm not sure where you came up with your response to your Luxman L-509x thread?  If you had bought the Carbon 7 loudspeakers from me you could of returned them for a full refund if you didn't like them.   Also- since... 
Help fine-tune my speaker search
They are at a dealers place.   
Help fine-tune my speaker search
Also, you may want to check out my newer less expensive Carbon 6 model.  
Help fine-tune my speaker search
Hi-  I have a pair of demo Carbon 7 SE Mk2 speakers available for audition located in Queens.  Let me know if you would like to arrange a little listening session.   Thanks!  Fritz Heiler  FritzSpeakers  
Attractive Bookshelf - Under $3k
Regarding FritzSpeakers custom finishes- I usually have 5-6 pairs of my Carrera BE, Carbon 7 SE Mk2 & Carbon 6 models built in several different standard wood finishes and ready to ship within a couple of days.  I have access to many differe... 
Helping a friend build a new system
Hi- Fritz here...  Regarding Lalitks coment, all of my speakers come with a 30+ day trial thing to make sure that everybody is absolutely delighted with their performance on their gear and acoustic environment.  BTW-  Most people love them and kee... 
New Perlisten S7T Towers
mijostyn-   Those "checker board" drivers are SB Acoustics woven TeXtreme mid/bass drivers made with an advanced, super thin carbon fiber fabric- 
How to accurately gauge speaker sensitivity to match with tube amp?
Hi David- Here's the impedance and phase curves of the series crossover Carbon 7 SE Mk2 loudspeakers. 
Interesting Fed Ex encounter...
Update on the shipping snafu. If you have a FedEx account they have a service where you can arrange a "call tag" where they will pickup a package and print the shipping label on the truck. Apparently the pickup driver didn't do this and some... 
Anyone going to the 2019 "The Show?"
I think it will be a good show to attend. I just got back from setting up my room there and was looking through the booklet and counted about 60+ rooms. Nice hotel and layout, it shouldn't be too crowded. I am showing my Carrera loudspea... 
Capital Audio Fest 2018--show report
Thank you all for the kind words about my Carrera 7BE Loudspeakers with the ModWright HA300 300B tube integrated & headphone amp, Fern & Roby The Montrose turntable and Zu cables. It was a pleasure meeting and talking to everyone that ca... 
Capital AudioFest 2018
I will be showing my Carrera BE stand mounted loudspeakers in room 312 with ModWright. Please stop by & say hello. Looking forward to visiting with everyone!