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Seeking Budget CD Player Suggestions
Another vote for Rotel cd11. I was really surprised how good it sounded using the internal DAC.   
Amp — Leave on or turn off
This is the language in the manual for my Creek amp: "It is appreciated by Hi-Fi enthusiasts that leaving equipment powered up continuously can Improve the performance. However, this small improvement in sound quality comes at the Expense of cont... 
New Falcon ls3/5a Silvers in the house
I have the silver badge near field in my office, and they are amazing in that application. I run a small sub with the mains high passed at 80hz. I've upgraded DAC and pre with good results but I haven't felt the need to switch out my amp (Creek Ev... 
Sharing a subwoofer between a Stereo and HT combination.
My 3.1 mixed setup has been rock solid for the past three years. - Denon 4700x running in pre-amp mode - 3 channel power amp (ATI 523NC) - Parasound P6 for front channels on the bypass input. Sub out from Denon to the Sub Bypass input. Sub Bypa... 
Best Audiophile desktop for under $2500?
I can't speak to PC options but you may want to consider a DDC to clean up the output before passing to your DAC. I use a MacMini with Roon and I previously got similar SQ with optical and USB outs, but optical was more reliable. I've since added ... 
How to proceed?
Gustard r26 from Amazon store could be worth an experiment. The i2s input is really nice, but you need to confirm the pinout compatibility from your transport I love my r26 so much (no sibilants,. but good clarity), I bought a second for my offic... 
Gustard r26 can be had new within your budget. Adding the r26 did great things to my system with KEF R5 speakers. It might not have much brand cache or visual appeal, but the sound is so pleasing to my ears - just a great balance of warmth and det... 
Preamp vs Av receiver preouts
I recommend adding the preamp if you have room. I run a Parasound P6. Pre outs from a Denon 4700 receiver to the bypass input on the P6. And the AVR sub out to the sub bypass on the P6. All stereo inputs go straight into the P6. If I need HT input... 
WiFi Streaming Versus An Ethernet Cable Connection
I don't doubt hardwiring makes a difference in some systems, but I run $50 Chromecast Audio pucks throughout my home, and I've noticed zero material differences when tested against wired connections in the same dac/amp/speaker chains.  My streami... 
Should I steer clear of class D amps
No experience with NAD class d, but I'll throw out a positive recommendation for the hypex amp by ATI I run in my mixed HT/HiFi system. I keep expecting it to be the weak link when I do critical music listening, but it has proven very scalable in ... 
This digital rabbit hole is tough to navigate in my system.  For that reason, I'm biased towards CD player with purpose built onboard DAC analog out.    
Name 3 songs where audio quality and song quality completely align
3 personal faves, which is how i interpret the question: Beck - End of the day Lucinda Williams - Something about what happens when we talk (2017) Ween - You were the fool    
Ripping CD's to hard drive
Use a computer application to rip from an attached cd drive to a storage drive. Do you have a computer? What kind? No need to worry about fancy equipment on front end for ripping.  
what cd player ?
Rotel CD11 player was a revleation in my system using internal dac.  It's well within your budget brand new.