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Correct method of hooking up Sonus Faber speakers?
Thanks for the observations and advice re hooking up the Sonus Fabers. I'll try both top and bottom and judge for myself as a couple posts have suggested. Oddly enough, I'm looking to tame the top a little. Older SF models seemed to be more relaxe... 
Power tubes as drivers -- Line Magnetic
I have the 518IA and have experimented with the various power tubes and to my ears the vintage KT66 tubes sound the best. Sweeter and smoother than the 6l6 or EL 34. My second favorite is the 6V6. This amp requires extended break in time before it... 
Line Magnetic quiet are they?
The LM 518IA is dead quiet and absolutely no noise from the speakers. One of the quietest amps I've ever owned. Transformers are silent too. Mine is new and still breaking in but very very nice indeed with an incredible balance across the spectrum. 
HiDiamond P4 PC vs Nordost Valhalla PC
If you are referring to the older Valhalla pc as opposed to the newer V2 version, the HiDiamond P4 offers far more density and extension from bottom to top. This is a significant upgrade. If you're using the V2, the gap is much narrower, more a ma... 
McIntosh MC240 Amplifier sound?
I'm using a pair of Tannoy Canterberry speakers which are 96DB efficient. I've used a few other amps and they've all been very compatible including some 8 to 10 wat amps. I'm wondering if using other than 8 ohm tap might prove better. Frankly and ... 
McIntosh MC240 Question
I really appreciate the thoughtful responses to my question. I'll start running in the direct mode. If anyone owns this amp and has knowledge of tube compliments or any other improvements I can apply, let me know. If I have 1 minor quibble about i... 
Others opinions on the new MHDT Stockholm DAC?
Phil, thank you for your excellent advice on the Stockholm. I presume this is the DAC you are currently using? Can you direct me to where you purchased the PCM 56K chips and how many are required. I'm willing to invest some time and money to get t... 
Shindo and Joule Electra Preamps
I have 1 Joule LA150 MKii and a Shindo Vosne Romanee. The Shindo is 3 times the price of the Joule but I like both for different reasons. The Vosne Romanee is smooth, rich and quite detailed. The Joule has a wonderful relaxed sound that simply dra... 
Ideal SUT for Lyra Olympos cartridge?
I'm using a Shindo Vosne Romanee phono which is onboard and of the MM type. 
Tom Evans Speakers
I agree that Tom Evans designs are intelligent with a certain no nonsense approach to creating some of the very very best audio available anywhere. I suspect his speakers would take the same approach. Thanks for the possitive feedback on Tom's spe... 
Uncommonly long RCA IC cables?
Thanks for everyone's help on the subject. 
Joule Electra 150 Mkii or Hovland 200
Under consideration since by all acounts Hovland designed and manufactured some well respected components. If repair is ever required, parts should be easy to source. 
Preamp with tone control.
You might want to consider the T+A 1520 or 30 which has multiple inputs, tone controls and superb sound. 
Preamp to mate with Pass 30.5
Appreciate all the responses. My speakers are Avantgarde duo Grossos at 107DB efficiency. I've owned Joule LA150MKii a couple of years ago and it was an excellent preamp with adjustable gain on the output. I prefer tube to SS but never discount SS... 
Joule Electra LAP 150, Noisy?
I owned the Joule LA150 MKii and used it with a set of 107 DB efficient Avantgarde horns. It was very quiet and an excellent preamp. You can't go wrong with the Joule preamplifiers.