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Lowest priced MC thats better than a Premium MM?
Another that I haven't seen mentioned that is worth considering is the Ortofon Quintet Black.  Nice combination of detail and musicality.  
Zesto Andros 1.2
I have been using an Andros 1.2 for well over 5 years now.  It is marvelous.  I've made a number of significant upgrades to my system, but had little interest in changing it.  I'm just now replacing it with a Tessera Reference.  The primary reason... 
78-RPM to Digital Transfer
I should also add that I have searched Google and seen a number of options.  I'm hoping to find someone who has experience with a good one.  
Looking for a Warmer Sounding Phono Cartridge
It's outside your price range, though not outside the Koetsu you mentioned, but you should consider the Benz LPS.  It is a wonderful, full bodied sound, without becoming flabby or losing detail.  Exquisit midrange.  It is a heavy cart and works be... 
RIP Jimmy Buffett
RIP Changes in Latitudes - Changes in Attitudes came out the year I graduated high school.  It remains one of my favorites from him. He seemed to love what he did and it came through every time you saw him perform.  A one of a kind character and... 
Tony Bennett passed
How good is Aesthetix audio?
I owned the Calypso Eclipse preamp and the Atlas Eclipse (including Eclipse casework) stereo amp until recently.  I was very happy with them.  Great sound.  Fully balanced and dual mono so very quiet and detailed with lovely full midrange.  The ca... 
Buying Used Equipment on the Internet
You might consider a site like The Music Room for a first used purchase.  It will likely be a little more expensive, but a much more controlled environment for your first purchase.  I've sold quite a bit of gear with them and always have a good ex... 
Best Phono Preamp mm/mc under $3500.00 used
Zesto Andros 1.2.  Beautiful sounding tube phono stage.  I have it feeding a D'agostino Momentum HD and MxV monos.  It isn't over matched or outclassed at all.  
Better story teller than Edmund Fitzgerald?
Harry Chapin "Greatest Stories Live"  Is an album full of well sung stories. "A Better Place to Be" is a bit schmaltzy but I have to admit I smile every time I listen to it.  
PS Audio Perfect Wave Dac
If the DAC in question is the Perfectwave Direct Stream DAC, the answer is yes.  Both inputs are available on the back of the DAC and selectable from the remote or the touchscreen.  
remembering Eva Cassidy, 25 years after her death
Thank you for sharing this. 
Record Cleaning Machines
As an alternate thought, I believe that if you are gentle with the records, follow the directions and proceed carefully, all of the machines do a good job.  From the most simple (spin clean, etc.) to the most expensive.  What you pay for is how mu... 
I've had a similar problem, though not nearly as frequently as you described.  My iPad is unable to connect and I end up rebooting my Nucleus.  Looking at the Roon blog and emailing them indicates the issues is likely to do with DNS.  Some dynamic... 
Mola Mola Tambaqui or Denafrips Terminator Plus?
Thanks, sorry for the confusion.