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Lumin T2 streamer
@bwguy thanks, yes it is set to custom. I don’t have a clue how to set it so yes the defaults are native. I just registered at Audio Shark and will check the Lumin section. Thanks again  
Should I buy Anthem 1120 for a 11 speaker system or Sony 5000 ES
@audiotroy i started this discussion in 2019. I wound up buying the 1120 for my main system and I use the Denon AVR that I replaced with the Anthem for my bedroom. I did another upgrade in 2021 where I replaced my Atmos and surround speakers with ... 
what is your preferred listening mode
Ok thanks  
Lumin T2 question
should read not getting optimal resolution. Thanks again  
Lumin T2 question
thank you @Audiotroy and @djohnson54. It makes sense to me what you both said. Thank you for your answers. I was concerned that I was getting the optimal resolution from the Lumin   
Integrated Amp or preamp to separate Lumin T2 from home theater system
@tuberist I am using my Sim as the amp for the Lumin. I only use the amps of the 1120 for center speaker and ceiling speakers. Are you saying I can bypass the Anthems preamp and it will sound better using Lumin as preamp? 
Looking for some opinions on some digital components my dealer recommends
@goldprintaudio Thanks for your comment. I ordered the Torus Tot Max with the surge protection  
Torus power vs the competition
I have a Torus Power Tot Max on order. I should have it in September  
Should I buy Anthem 1120 for a 11 speaker system or Sony 5000 ES
It worked out really well for me. I am very happy with my 1120. I was considering upgrading to AVM 70and two Anthem 525amps but my dealer convinced me that the 1120 did not need to be upgraded and that I would be better off with new Surround and A... 
Where to rent 4k Blu-Ray Discs Online?
@I use to rent Blu-ray from Netflix but I switched because of 4K Atmos 
Should I buy Anthem 1120 for a 11 speaker system or Sony 5000 ES
I am OP. I just stumbled on to this 2 year old thread. I just want to give an update on what I did two years ago.After weeks of going into my local store and listening to Sony and Anthem and getting estimates I decided on the Anthem 1120 for 5.1.4... 
Streaming Atmos on Netflix vs BluRay
I stream and I also rent 4K Atmos disks. I currently have a high quality 5.1.4 system that I will soon upgrade. Streaming Atmos from Apple TV+, HBO Max, Netflix and Prime, Disney is excellent. I have a fiber optic ethernet connection so speed is n... 
Where to rent 4k Blu-Ray Discs Online? I have rented disks from them. I think its $15 a month, 1 disk at a time, unlimited per month  
Opinions Please on Nordost 2HENET2M and Nordost LSRD1MR
Thanks for the opinions on cables. My dealer talks about the importance of speaker wire and interconnects. He has some great systems in his showroom with the cables.  Thanks, I need to test at home  
Opinions on Sim 330A Power Amplifier
I see your point. I was intending on buying the Anthem 70 AVM but my dealer said my 1120 was good enough