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Krell KAV-300i Jumper Question
Thanks very much -  
432 EVO
This is an old review from one of my favorite reviewers: 432 EVO Music Server | HFA - The Independent Source for Audio Equipment Reviews ( Christiaan is very responsive to questions so it might be worth reaching out to him.  
Apogee Centaur Major Manual
green21135, did you ever find a manual for the CMs? 
Looking for Tube Preamp + SS Power combo for $5000 used
This is a great thread because it focuses on the all important question of synergy. I’m looking forward to reading the recommendations. 
Help with audio alchemy ddp1
I should add that I hear a very faint electronic buzzing sound emanating from the unit.  
Help with audio alchemy ddp1
Now it appears I have another problem: the DPA-1 turns on (display is functional) but I get no sound. I checked all the connections and they seem secure/tight but the amp itself never becomes warm to the touch after being on. Might anybody have a ... 
Help with audio alchemy ddp1
Just an update: as it turned out, my DDP-1 unit needed to be returned to the factory for repair. Unlike roip1, however, my experience with Peter and Richard at the ELAC factory has been excellent. Both were very responsive and Richard has been exc... 
Help with audio alchemy ddp1
I too am experiencing problems with the DDP-1. I'm getting no sound out of my system when it's hooked up and as roip1 mentions with his, the volume control has gone "mad". I'm in communication with Peter but I'm hoping someone here has an idea or ... 
Recapping Krell FPB-Monoblocks - Need Advice
To those who have had their FPBs recapped, is there a noticeable upgrade in sound quality? Some of the comments on Stephen's website indicate a dramatic improvement can be expected. 
Why is the Audio Research SP8 so highly regarded?
I have the same question regarding the SP-10 MkII. 
See Ayre QB-9 Twenty Upgrade Announcement
Frankly, Beetlemania, I don’t hear a wow factor in your appraisal of the upgrade. I’m not intending to sound overly negative but for $1,500 I’d have thought there would be a more noticeable improvement.  
Compare Space Tech Lab DACs vs Lampizator DACs???
Moving away from B&W CM10 speakers
Alex, it's odd you say this because B&W speakers have often been matched with Krell amplification and if there's been any criticism of the Krell sound, it's that it can be a bit dry/grey and piercing HFs. So to match the two together doesn't m... 
Soulution or CH Precision
+1 Christiaan Punter's reviews - I have been following Christiaan for years now and find his reviews interesting and insightful. Plus, he's a very nice person to boot and has been helpful in my audio journey. 
Bargain Basement, Giant Killing DACs for PC Audio
Have a listen to Tommy O'Brien's DAC DACs - I have the DAC DAC 1 HS model playing with VAC Musicblocs and ESL-57s and have been very impressed by its musicality and how emotionally engaging it is.