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Polishing a Micro Seiki RT 3000G Gunmetal platter
I think Simi chrome (a brand) would be a good start and isn’t too aggressive.  
Any experience with Mini DSP SHD Studio in 2 ch system?
I was hoping to get this discussion going again.  I am new to DSP and would start with the mini.    An others offer their experience?  
Make a Pilgrimage to Phoenix on August 27th, 2022 to attend Speakerfest 2022!!
Are there any results posted?   Really enjoyed the DAC shootout report   
Preamp/DAC Suggestions
I have a T&A Dac 200 but new it’s beyond you price range.  Probably not available used but the previous generationDac 8 might be.    
Advice Needed deciding new Phones
My Dac 200 offers no specs on the headphone aspect other that the jack is a 4.4 mm Balanced Pentacon.   Thanks for all of the great suggestions.  I re foamed the Sony’s so I will have a point of comparison to the others.     
Speaker polyamory -- or, stories about getting a second set to alternate with your primary
I’ve had my B&W 802d for about 12 years after working my way up the line starting with CM1 bookshelf.   I am getting the itch to grab a pair of bookshelf’s to add but they need to be bi-wired for my set-up. I have a search for Klipsch Palladi... 
Pro-Ject Stream Box s2 Ultra - Network Change HELP!
I have the same device.  Sometimes downloading the app again helps with issues. PM me if you need any more help and I will try to assist.   
Point of diminishing returns for a Network Streamers?
I have Project Streambox S2 and can’t say enough great things about the performance for my ripped library, roon endpoint, radio and the Project player app  When roon was not working the Project always did.  Check it out and Audio Advisor will give... 
Looking for Blues with High Fidelity
Check out. Elles Bailey you will be impressed  
Your method for discovering great music.
Roon suggests different artists based on what one is listening to and the radio feature plays tracks based in the sound profiles you like.   I use Qobuz so my discoveries are almost unlimited.  Unfortunately Roon is subject  to problems and become... 
Replacement for Peachtree DacIT ?
Peach Tree made a an iDac before the Dac it.   It was around $1000 and was on The recommended list as A or A+.    I have one that was replaced by a  T+A Dac 200 costing 6 times more.    I would be willing to sell it. Stereophile review:     ht... 
New Amp Search- MBL. Spectron. Pass ??
I heard a McIntosh system at a store that used the same speakers and the bass was too wooly and undefined for my taste.  Thanks for the suggestions  
New Amp Search- MBL. Spectron. Pass ??
I wanted to add that My budget, new or used is max 12k.  
A Newcomer to Digital Looking to Upgrade My Dac, Tubes? Ideas?
For far less you should consider the Black Ice FX tube dac.   Won a blind shootout.   Tube rolling will help adjust the sound and change things up a bit. 
Best Way to Upgrade Digital
Addition to above post:   The project streamer couples with a used Black Ice FX Dac will hit your target budget goal.     I don’t have a budget system but these two devices will keep you happy for quite a while (As much as an audiophile can be)