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audiophile grade sub panel and breakers?
The secondary side center-tap of Equi=Tech products connect to the incoming ground on the primary side, so there is a ground reference all the way back to the electrical service panel main grounding electrode. 
Toroidal Isolation Power Conditioner
Add Blue Circle, Equi=Tech, Furman and Balanced Power Technologies (BPT) to the list. With regard to such products being "top tier", there are more similarities than differences between them all. For one thing, Torus, Bryston and BPT all employ th... 
Classe CA-201 Issue
Noah, I concur on DC from your preamp being the possible cause of your amp going into protection. 
Buzz coming from power amp - not through speakers
The PA5800 is not an amp I would put too much work into. When I owned one,there was a distinct drop in overall volume level anytime I switched from two-channel playback to multi-channel. I replaced it with an Onkyo AVR, which was a surprisingly be... 
No ground wire???
As said above, if the metal box is grounded via the armor of the bx cable, you only need to install a "self-grounded" outlet. It will work without requiring the grounding pigtail attached to the box. A self-grounding outlet is a three-prong type t... 
Upgrading IEC Inlet advice
Regular 15A and 20A IEC inlets (no fuseholder) fit in the same size opening. An exception is probably the Furutech FI-10, which requires some chassis modification. 
why balanced power last before component?
Grounding of the center tap in balanced power systems is to keep voltage stable, and for quick clearing of ground faults in equipment operated on such systems. It is an NEC requirement. The same applies to a household supply. The incoming neutral ... 
Hard Wireing?
"These people" have been around the block a few times when it comes to equipment modifications, Speedy 9194, and were offering advice based on experience. 
Hard Wireing?
What is wrong with the existing power cord? The manufacturer thought it was adequate for the intended use. I would not bother with such a modification to a mass market receiver. I don't think its worth the trouble. You would only be voiding any wa... 
Help fixing Receptacle
The Voodoo AC receptacle is a standard Hubbell IG8300 rated at 120V. It is not code for use in the UK, that is why it will not fit in the box. If you want an audio grade receptacle that will fit in a UK box and be to code, try the Furutech FP-1363... 
Phase Linear 700 & 400 series II
I own a mint PL 400 Series 2 that sees active use in one of my three systems. I've done upgrades that include adding DC protection/output relays. 
Analyzing the power from the outlet
There's a series of threads on Polk Forums, where one of the members, a college professor, ran a series of measurements on power line noise and line conditioner/tweaks. AFAIK, its the most extensive type of evaluation conducted by a product owner ... 
Furman Reference IT 15i power conditioner
Lacee, that's why I DIYed my own balanced power unit years ago. I didn't like the parts selection and daisy-chain wiring of outlets in factory-manufactured units. I opted for Furutech and Oyaide outlets and connectors, OCC silver and copper wiring... 
Bizarre buzz
I have a problem with the above theory of disconnected load. There is no practical reason for the amplifier's (main) transformer to remain energized when the amp is turned off. The transformers in some preamps and CD players remain energized 24/7 ... 
Anybody used Nikko amps before?
Your experience is with one low end receiver. Nikko power amps are quite collectible, and when fully restored can hold their own very well against more modern amps.